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Ditek Ltd.
forest & garden equipment

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DITEK LTD.  is a Bulgarian company, established in 1996, specialized in forest and garden equipment trade. We are working 16 people in the company, in different departments – Motor and electrical equipment Department, Irrigation systems Dept., Spraying technique and instruments Dept., Trade Dept. for dealing with major customers like METRO, Do it yourself – Mr. Bricolage, etc. During the six years of exsisting, DITEK LTD. managed to take over one of the leading places in regard to the range of products of the garden equipment, tools, and accessories we offer.

DITEK LTD. has four own stores at the biggest cities of  Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas, as well as a net of dealers in over thirty specialized stores. DITEK LTD. is one of the main suppliers of gardening equipment of “METRO CASH & CARRY” chain of hypermarkets. Starting from this autumn, DITEK LTD. is going to supply with garden equipment the supermarkets “Do it yourself – Mr. Bricolage”.

DITEK LTD. is totally orientated towards the leading European manufacturers. The main selection of products we offer is from leading producers well known at the World and European market.

OLEO - MAC – /Italy/ - This is the leading name and main range of the products we trade with. DITEK LTD. is offering at the market electrical and motor chain saws, electrical and motor hedge trimmers and brush cutters, electrical and motor lawnmowers, garden tractors, water pumps, mist blowers, power earth borers, and power cutters.

CLABER - /Italy/ - Ground, drip and underground watering systems.

RAIN BIRD - /USA/ - Automatic irrigation systems for large objects, parks, sports fields and golf courses, agricultural sprinklers.

DI MARTINO - /Italy/ - Vaporizers, pressure sprayers, knapsack sprayers, watering cans.

HANDY - /Italy/ - Instruments for the small garden- shovels, rakes, cultivators.

TRICOFLEX - /France/ - Garden and technical hoses.

DITEK LTD. has a wide range of customers like private customers, garden equipment stores, and also a lot of representative government organizations and private companies – forestry organizations, hotels, resorts (Albena, Duni, etc.) football sites, residences.

DITEK LTD. is constantly enlarging its scale of products, and it is one of the regular participants at the specialized exhibitions with local and international participation in Bulgaria.

Starting from 2001, DITEK LTD. entered the agriculture, offering irrigation systems and technologies, projecting and installing pumping stations.

OCMIS - /Italy/ - Hose reel irrigation machines for huge agricultural areas.

AGRICOLA ITALIANA - /Italy/ - Pneumatic seed drills.

MAS - /Italy/ - Bedformers, transplanting and mulching machines, harvesters for vegetables.

CAPP PLAST - /Italy/ - Plastic pallets and agri-boxes for the agriculture and light industry.

GRIPPLE - /England/ - "Gripples" - wire joiners for wine growing and greengrocery

SIME - /Italy/ - Sprinklers for the agronomy.

VALLA - /Italy/ - Supports tripods, metal pipes and fittings for agronomy.

CAPRARI - /Italy/ - Pumps and pumping stations for the agronomy and industry.

SCOVA - /Italy/ - Diesel and electric pump aggregates.

BERGER - /Germany/ - Pruning shears, grass shears, saws.

FELCO - /Switzerland/ - Professional instruments - pruning shears, wire cutters.


73 Pirin Str., kv. Manastirski Livadi, Sofia 1680, BULGARIA
Tel/fax No. +359 2 955 64 63
+359 2 955 62 06
E-mail address:


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