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PLASTCHIM-T Production of flexible packaging made from polyolefin

Production of flexible packaging
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PLASTCHIM-T has been established in1967. Since 1982 it is specialized in production of flexible packaging made from polyolefin, with capacity 10-1500 kilograms. From 1997 the main shareholder of PLASTCHIM-T is FamTex Ltd. With its wide range of products PLASTCHIM-T is today one of the leading companies in the Industrial Packaging Materials World. Future oriented and creative management policy united with the modern investments has brought up excellent opportunities for the customers of PLASTCHIM-T. The production range consisting of FIBCs, slings, sling bags, woven sewn PP sacks, laminated PP sacks cassette type, packaging and agricultural twines/cords circular woven PP fabrics and polyethylene folio are all produced by our creative team finding out new competitive ways for meeting with changing requirements. Plastchim-T’s quality concept, wide product range and modern management approach had carried Plastchim-T to its reputable position in the international and industrial packaging materials markets. Since 1998 the company is licensee of Portabulk® System and it is the only one in Bulgaria.

Plastchim-T produces only recyclable products to help environment protection. Plastchim-T’ packages are produced through a completely vertical operation starting from polypropylene/polyethylene raw material to finished FIBCs and sacks. Plastchim-T’s productions are constantly developing according to the changing requirements of the customers. Plastchim-T technical and sales staff are your best consultants for the new solution to be produced.

For more detailed information please check out our production list or contact us.

97”Chan Asparuh” Str.
9450 Tervel, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 5751 2414; +359 5751 2415; +359 5751 2416
Fax: +359 5751 2106
E-mail: plast@mbox.infotel.bg

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