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PLASTCHIM-T Production of flexible packaging made from polyolefin

Production of flexible packaging
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A. Big Bags/ FIBCs

All our FIBCs are produced according to EFIBCA 005(Single trip) and EFIBCA 004(Standart duty), made from polypropylene circular UV stabilized fabric (coated or not). The standard fabric color is milky white but it can be any other if it is required. We are producing FIBCs as follows:

1. One or two point lifting bags
The loops are made from continuation of the wall material protected by a woven fabric on the top or with "safety stitch".


  • Filling spout
  • Skirt (for two point lifting bags)
  • Flat bottom
  • Discharging spout(different constructions)
  • Star base
  • LDPE liner (different constructions). The liner can be "bottle neck" type, suspended or not;
  • Outer (condom) liner. Outer liner can be suspended or not in the loop;

2. Four points lifting bags The four loops are made from webbing.


  • Webbing can be sewn in the corners or to the walls of FIBCs(cross-corner);
  • Bottom-plain base or with discharging spout (different constructions)
  • Top-open, with filling spout or with skirt (different constructions);
  • LDPE liner.

Except the above-mentioned big bags we are producing also multilifting bags and hood lifting bags. The multilifting bags are close to two points lifting bags, because they are handled like them, but they have extra four loops made from webbing for easy filling. The hood-lifting bags are designed to be lifted by means of the continuation of wall fabric itself. All FIBCs can be printed one/two sides in up to three colors for each.

B. Sling and sling bags

With their constructions the slings and sling bags are very closer to four point lifting bags. The main purpose of slings and sling bags is for packaging of filled small bags (sacks).

C. Sacks (small bags)

With capacity up to 70 kg, made from circular fabric, coated or not, (it could be UV stabilized if it is required). The standard fabric color is milky white but it can be any other.

1.Sewen sacks

  • Open mouth and valve type;
  • With or without PE sack

2. Blockbottom-cassette type sacks (from coated fabric only)

  • Open mouth and valve (ventile) type.
All the bags can be printed on one/two sides up to four colors with highest quality.

D. PP cord with linear weight from 1000 to 4000tex.

The PP cord is naturally white but depending on customer's requirement we can produce any other with or without UV stability.

E. Polyethylene folio with sleeve size up to 220cm and thickness up to 200m (depends on the sleeve's width).

The color of PE folio is according to client's requirement and UV stabilized if it is necessary. All packages are palletized in way suitable for different kinds of transport.

For more detailed information please contact us.

97”Chan Asparuh” Str.
9450 Tervel, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 5751 2414; +359 5751 2415; +359 5751 2416
Fax: +359 5751 2106
E-mail: plast@mbox.infotel.bg

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