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A Canadian University Will Kick You out for Stealing an Essay

Canada seems like a very attractive destination when it comes to getting higher education. Universities and colleges there will please you no matter how demanding you are. They are prestigious, they will provide you with a high-quality education. What is more, this extremely hospitable country won`t even kick you out right after graduation.

If you haven`t heard about this phenomenon yet, it`s time for you to open your eyes and take a close look at painful realities of this world. Many highly developed countries won`t be that thrilled about your stay within their borders. Not all of them, of course, but you have to take it into consideration before applying to their universities.

But this is more than understandable, actually. You get knowledge in another country, you get an international experience in a certain sphere, so you`ll be able to apply all those skills in your home country. That`s a logical approach.

But that`s just FYI. We want to give you a heads up on some peculiarities of studying in Canada. You can`t leave your country before reading this article. You simply won`t survive there.

No “Copy&Paste”

I don`t know what plagiarism policy your school or university has, but Canadian fellas are extremely strict about it. If you were able to sneak a few sentences or even paragraphs from the all-mighty world wide web into your work, then, sorry, dear, but there is no chance it will work in Canada.

Ranking Matters

The position of a university in the international ranking is usually a big deal. However, specialists claim that those positions may not reflect the actual quality of education or knowledge which this institution can provide you with. Canadian companies do pay attention to the fact where you received your higher education. The more prestigious the college is, the better chances you have when applying for a job.

Papers, Documents, Bureaucracy!

If you know any Canadians, they seem very open, sincere, and extremely polite people. Yes, this stereotype is not a myth. Even their prime-minister seems to be a cool dude. But you’d better forget about that at the moment you have to deal with official documents.

Bureaucracy in that country may drive you mad, but you will have to make your peace with it. You don`t have a choice. You may cry, protest, tear those papers apart. But you won’t achieve anything. So, keep calm and fill out all those forms.

“Will You Pay My Rent?”

That`s not me who`s asking. I`m just looking for DNCE fans here, who may recognize that song. Anyway, while we`re talking about rent, let me give you a few tips.

Firstly, student dorms are very expensive in Canada. They may seem all cozy and comfy, but when you see that price, you`d want to come back to your mommy`s house. An apartment situated a bit far away from the university won`t cost you an arm and a leg, but you`ll have to get to the lectures somehow. Speaking of that…

Don`t Pass the Border Without a Driving License

Public transport in Canada isn`t that popular. The locals just drive everywhere. If you don`t have that shiny plastic card which allows you to get behind the wheel, you`d better pass a test it in your native country before leaving for Canada.

It`s much more complicated for non-residents to get a driving license there. You`ll have to fill out a humongous amount of papers (because of the reason we stated above), and it will take you too much time.

Yes, It`s True, It`s Cold There

All those myths that you`ve heard are true. Canada is a rather cold country. You will have to get used to that harsh climate as soon as possible, especially if you come from warmer lands. Well, it`s not like “behind-that-wall-from-Games-of-Thrones” cold, but winters are snowy and extremely windy. Still, the summers are just lovely, so no worries. Deal?

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