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Kaplan reaches 5,000 photos on Instagram

Kaplan celebrates more than 5,000 photos on Instagram

Kaplan is celebrating 5,000 photos with the #KaplanExperience hashtag on the online photo-sharing and social networking service Instagram. Kaplan launched their Instagram account last summer so that it could show the experiences of students studying at Kaplan colleges.

Students studying Kaplan English language courses have a chance to win $100 in Amazon vouchers each week by participating in the #KaplanExperience competition. For a chance to win, students just have to post their photos on Instagram during their Kaplan stay. The Kaplan Social Media team will choose their favourite #KaplanExperience photo each week. Hazel Marie Francis, Kaplan’s social media assistant says: “The great thing about this promotion is that there are no strict guidelines! Sometimes we pick our winner based on how beautiful the photo is, or how sentimental it is; other times it’s the photo that made us laugh the most!". The winner is announced on Kaplan's Twitter and Facebook account each week.

So far the response has been fantastic. Students from every Kaplan English language school have taken part. Winners have come from all over the world including France, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Argentina.

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