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Rihanna inspires to learn of English

Kaplan infographic

According to a new research by Kaplan International Colleges, Rihanna is the most popular musician for inspiring and encouraging people to learn and understand English.

Kaplan surveyed a total of 1,213 people who spoke English as a foreign language (EFL). The results of the Kaplan infographic survey revealed that the majority of EFL speakers (52%) learned the language so as to comprehend a celebrity. Rihanna who is famous for hit singles such as Diamonds and Rude Boi was the most inspirational musician in the pop music industry with 10% saying the singer inspired them to learn English ahead of Kate Perry and Beyonce who were inspirational respectively for 8% and 7% of EFL speakers. Eminem was the top male musician with 7% of people learning English to understand the rapper.

The most popular person to inspire people to learn English was Barack Obama. Interestingly, the study found out that 22% of EFL speakers who followed a celebrity to learn English did so to understand what the US President was saying. If you would like to view the results of the survey Kaplan has created the “Is English the Language of Love?” Infographic to showcase their findings.

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