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How to get a handle on the employment situation – and get yourself a post – in the East Midlands city

Looking for a job in Nottingham? You’re a smart person to be looking in that direction. Widely recognised as one of England’s major cities, Nottingham is a city which has managed to take its Industrial Revolution roots and begin to grow a thriving service industry and site for new technologies.

If you’re interested in getting a quick general scope of what jobs Nottingham has to offer, visit UK-wide jobs site, which will allow you to search opportunities in the Nottingham area.

Whilst being a city with quite defined boundaries and thus a population of just over 300,000, the Nottingham urban area has a population of over 800,000 and is home to some of the most well-known companies and institutions in the UK.

First, get to know the sectors that the city is most rich in: new technologies and energy, with companies such as E.ON UK, Siemens, Games Workshop, Heart Internet; in sales-based betting and amusement industries, with Bell-Fruit-Games and Gala Group; and pharmaceuticals.

Perhaps Nottingham’s most famous company is Boots the chemist, which was established in the city in 1849, and whilst the company has mutated from a research-based pharmaceutical company into a commercial chemist and pharmacist, Nottingham still has one of the UK’s most inviting science/biotechnology/pharmaceutical industries.

If you’re looking to apply for a job in this sector, a little round-up of the city’s historical relationship with pharmaceutical industries can give you an extra leg-up when it comes to showing willing and commitment to the job. Nottingham is now home to BioCity, ‘the UK’s biggest bioscience innovation and incubation centre’ according to Wikipedia.

As a city with all these companies, plus two thriving universities (Nottingham and Nottingham Trent) it’s an area with constant support and funding in this direction, as it was named a Science City by then Chancellor Gordon Brown in 2005 (one of six). So as a city leading in research-based jobs, it does serve to do your research before coming here!

If you’re looking for public sector involvement which you would like to combine with a financial/managerial training, Nottingham is also home to HM Revenue and Customs. Our advice: do your background research into the area’s industrial and economic history, visit it for yourself, and see if you can arrange a site visit or informal chat before you apply.

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