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How to Cure Boredom while Traveling

Whether traveling in the U.S. or jetting off to somewhere exotic like a resort on the Dead Sea for a vacation, visiting somewhere you have not been before can be exciting. However, keeping yourself entertained while on a long trip is always a struggle, but there are plenty of fun ways to avoid boredom while traveling, from chatting with your travel partner to playing games.

Get creative

With plenty of time to burn in the car, you can make something or plan your next DIY creative project. A sketch book or notebook, pens and colored pencils fit neatly in an activity tote bag.

Play games

Tech savvy gamers often bring electronic devices for the trip. As long as you remember a portable charger for any device, you should have entertainment for hours. Plenty of people bring handheld gaming devices, but most individuals have a mobile phone with them everywhere they go. Smartphones are very versatile, and apps are available for a wide range of games. If you enjoy the excitement of sports events then you could also give sports betting a trywhile you travel.

Scavenger hunt

Over the years, people have created a number of homespun travel games. Quite a few road trip games rely on visuals since you see many things along the way. The games range from spotting novelty license plates to counting cars of a certain color. Some even play an alphabetical game that requires spotting items that begin with every letter of the alphabet in order.

The best place for a scavenger hunt is on a long stretch of road, but airports make for some fun scavenger hunting and people watching. Make a checklist of all the landmarks or unusual things that you expect to see on your trip and whoever checks the most off their list by the end of the trip wins.

Tell a story

If you are on a road trip, it makes sense to chat or share stories with your travel companions. You can play off each other’s ideas by telling a story in turns. Each participant says a sentence, paragraph, talks for a certain length of time, or embellishes until they have run out of ideas.

Whether you are driving or you are in the passenger seat, chatting ensures that no one gets bored and the driver stays alert. If you are taking mass transportation or a flight, then you might even luck out and get a friendly neighbor sitting next to you who is genuinely interested in light conversation.

Even if you are traveling alone, you can think of a story and perhaps get a head start on the novel you have always considered writing. Some of the most popular writers today wrote award-winning novels because inspiration struck while traveling.

Stay nimble

Whether you are traveling by land, sea, or air, you will want to stretch your legs and keep your blood flowing. Get out of the car often to toss a football around or play catch. On a plane, you should walk, stretch, and move around, especially while waiting for the restroom.

Learn a new skill

If you are traveling abroad where another language is spoken, then it can help to learn a few essential words in the local tongue. Even if you have a good grasp of the language, listening to a language learning series can help you brush up on your skills.

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