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Visit Rome

With its unique mix of history, sunshine and cuisine, Rome is a wonderful place to visit. During the summer months in particular it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but the best time to visit is early summer/late spring or late summer/early autumn when it’s still sunny, but there are fewer tourists around.

Rome has three major airports and all are easily accessible from the city centre so you won’t need to worry too much about getting to wherever you’re staying when you land. Buses run from all three airports to Termini, the central train station in the city (and the hub of the metro and the buses) and you can also get a train from Fiumicino airport into Termini which is much quicker.

Once you’re in Rome all the standard destinations are obvious but it may be helpful to look up the European Museums guide to art and history museums in Europe. The Pantheon, Colloseum, and the Vatican are all incredible and very easy to find (if you visit the Vatican on a Sunday its free to get into St Peters, but no matter how hot it is remember you must have your shoulders and knees covered) but there are also some hidden treasures in Rome that not so many people know about.

One place to visit is Villa Borghese, it’s to the north of the city and is a significant expanse of open green space. Rome is not a particularly green city, so getting out of the heat and relaxing on the grass is definitely worth the effort of getting there, you also get some wonderful views over the whole city, so take a camera.

Another place to visit is San Giovanni on the eastern side of the city. San Giovanni is a baroque church which very few people know about, but is reminiscent to St Peter’s gate with its statues lined up against the sky, if you’re around as the sun is going down it’s a really magical sight.

Finally, the must-visit-place for all students is the Spanish Steps. The Steps themselves are not particularly remarkable in the context of all the Roman architecture, but at night travellers from all across the world flock to the steps and relax, there are often shows on the square beneath the steps and if not one of the locals is bound to bring a guitar. There are always groups of people selling alcohol as well, but make sure that you bargain with them otherwise you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a bad deal.

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