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Abraxas Communications

Address 53 Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way, Hitchin, SG4 0TY, England
E-mail address abraxas@dial.pipex.com
Managing Director Ms. Joanna White
Services Interpretation
  • comprehensive international conference service
  • high quality interpretation equipment
  • high quality interpreters
  • audio equipment
  • Document Translation
    Introducing Abraxas

    At Abraxas the needs of the customer really do come first. Abraxas is owned and managed by people with wide ranging experience of meetings and conferences in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. We found that otherwise successful meetings were often marred by bad interpretation and poor quality audio equipment. We thought you deserved better - so we started Abraxas.


    Simultaneous interpretation is the most effective style of interpretation for meetings where more than two languages are being spoken.
    For smaller meetings with only two languages, whispering interpretation provides a cost effective alternative to simultaneous interpretation.

    High quality interpreters

    The success of your meeting depends upon participants understanding each other. When people who speak different languages from different cultural backgrounds come together misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication can be frustrating - and they can cost valuable time and money. Abraxas works with the best interpreters to ensure that misunderstandings do not occur so that meetings can be productive and successful.

    Room layout & audio equipment

    Abraxas’s Philips Digital Congress Network equipment is ideal for meetings where the active involvement of all participants is required. Each participant has an individual DCN unit with microphone, headphones, and the ability to receive up to 14 language channels.

    Interpretation booths

    Interpreters work in soundproof booths, the international standard dimensions for these booths is 1 .6m x 1 .6m x 2m high. When booking meeting rooms please make sure that you allow enough room for a booth for every language that will be spoken at the meeting.

    Document translation

    To ensure smooth running of your meeting it helps to have all documentation translated into the languages of the participants. Your organisation may be able to do this in house, otherwise Abraxas will be happy to put you in touch with translators who can undertake the work.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details.

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