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World Class Translation

Address 33 Charlotte Street
London W1T 1RR, United Kingdom
Tel. No. +44 (0) 20 7903 8800
ISDN (4-Sight) +44 (0) 20 7903 8888
E-mail address word@wordbank.com
Web address http://www.wordbank.com/
Year of foundation 1988
Managing Director Mr Kevin Grant-Dalton
Sales Director Mr. Gordon Husbands
Services Translation, Web Localisation & Typesetting in over 40 languages.

Wordbank can localise all your marketing content
and adapt your advertising to appeal to and stimulate demand from your Central and Eastern European customers, whatever the medium

Wordbank provides translation, local approval and typesetting excellence in over 32 languages, in any format. We take the strain out of localisation and adaptation by ensuring that tone, style and message are reflected in the final product, leaving our clients time to focus on planning and design.

We have extensive experience with Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Albanian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, the Baltic languages and many more.

All our translators are based within their native country to ensure that our customers' materials reflect the culture, prevailing style and idiom of the target country. If you really want your company and its products and services to appeal to potential customers, you must speak to them in their own 'language'.

After 12 years of constant innovation, we are confident that the Wordbank process is the best achievable, in terms of meeting the needs of consistent quality advertising, sales and marketing content localisation and on-going management.

Visit our website for the full story: www.wordbank.com

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