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Sts. Cyril and Methodius
Universityof Veliko Turnovo


Rector Assoc. Prof. Ivan Stoyanov, PhD
Address 2 T. Turnovski Street
5003 Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Tel. No. +359 62 629 708
Fax No. +359 62 628 023
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Philological Faculty
  • Historical Faculty
  • Faculty of Law
  • Pedagogical Faculty
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Philosophical Faculty
  • Orthodox Faculty
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Type of courses Full-time and part-time
    Length of courses 4 and 5 years
    Date of commencement September 15th
    Class size 15-20 students
    Accommodation Available
    Fees Contact the University for current fees
    Financial assistance Financial assistance is available for excellent students and for students who face financial difficulties
    Admission requirements Entrance examimation
    Student profile
  • Men/women: 50% / 50%
  • Age range: 19 - 27
  • Contact for application Assoc. Prof. Paisiy Christov, PhD


    Faculties & Colleges

    Philological Faculty

    Tel: +359 62 3-12-32

    This is the largest and oldest faculty. It is accepted as a prestigious center for Bulgarian and Slavic studies and the biggest center for training foreign-language students outside Sofia.

    The Philological Faculty trains students in the following specialties:

    Bulgarian Philology
    Russian Philology
    English Philology
    German Philology
    French Philology
    Balkan Studies

    The students receive a Bachelor's or a Master's degree. After finishing the University they become research associates in scientific institutions, libraries, publishing houses and cultural institutions or editors, proof-readers, teachers, etc. The students in Balkan studies study the history, literature and culture of the Balkan people and their languages.

    The students in Applied linguistics study a first language and another language which they can choose among the following:

    English + Japanese, French or Arabic
    German + French or Spanish
    French + Spanish, Italian or Portuguese
    Russian + Japanese, English, German, Greek or Chinese

    The tuition includes lectures on Business Administration. The students receive a Bachelor's Degree and can work as translators. Our graduates work as translators, editors, correspondents, administrators, managers in marketing and advertising.

    In Bulgarian + English, French or German, Bulgarian + History and Bulgarian + Russian the students receive an equivalent education for their Bachelor's degrees, which they can use to work as teachers in both subjects.

    The students in Library studies receive a BA and work in all libraries or information centers of the scientific institutes.

    Historical Faculty

    Tel: +359 62 62-80-25

    This one of the leading centers for the teaching of history and scientific research in History, Archeology, Bulgarian Ethnography and Balkan studies. The Historical Faculty offers tuition for BA and MA's in:


    The students in History receive a BA or MA in History. They become teachers in History, experts in museums or archives and scientific institutes.

    The tuition in Archeology and Numismatics, Paleography and Epigraphy is traditional at our University. It combines with the existence of Medieval citadels, ancient towns and villages around Veliko Turnovo. The students receive a BA in History and Archeology and an MA in Archeology. They become experts m museums, scientific institutes, conservation and restoration laboratories and consultants.

    The students in Geography become BA and MA's in Geography. They are trained in the basic areas such as Geomorphology and Cartography, Climatology and Hydrology, Landscape and Ecology, Economic and Social Geography, Demography, etc. After graduating they can work as experts in institutes, organizations or departments, or to teach Geography at high schools.

    Faculty of Law

    Tel: +359 62 62-19-19

    This faculty was established in 1991 to train law students. The tuition is held according to the established standards. After finishing law school graduates can become judges, lawyers, arbitrators, prosecutors, coroners, executory officers, legal advisors, notaries, etc.

    Pedagogical Faculty

    Tel: +359 62 3-88-26

    This faculty trains teachers for kindergarten and primary schools. They receive a BA or MA and become teachers in those schools.

    The students in Music are trained to be teachers in Music. They obtain a BA and can become teachers in kindergartens, comprehensive, music schools or conductors of choirs or chamber orchestras.

    The students in Psychology are trained to become BA or MA's and can work at schools, scientific institutes or companies.

    The students in Social Pedagogy become Bachelors and Masters graduates who will work with children or young people who need help in order to adapt themselves to society. They can work at special schools as consultants to children and teenagers at risk (who leave home, have alcohol or drug problems, become prostitutes or commit crimes), to work at clubs, camps or schools.

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

    Tel: +359 62 2-23-88

    This Faculty trains students in Mathematics and Computers.

    They receive a B.Sc. and become teachers in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

    The students in Computer Sciences become Bachelors and Masters graduates. They can create operation systems, programmes, etc. They can also take part in writing software or projects for complex automation. They can work in all places where computers are used.

    Faculty of Arts

    Tel: +359 62 63-03-95

    This was the first faculty in all Bulgaria for training teachers in the Arts with a higher education degree. They become BA's and teachers in Arts and Aesthetics in all schools. During their education at the University they can specialize in: painting, black-and-white drawing and sculpture which enables them to become artists too.

    Faculty of Economics

    Tel: +359 62 62-22-47

    This faculty was established in 1990 through the cooperation of the University and the Institute of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It trains Bachelors and Masters graduates in Economics in the following specialities:

    Management - after graduating from the University the students become managers of firms. The curriculum guarantees solid training in the theory of Economics, Book-Keeping, Statistics, Finance, Business Information, Industrial Relationships, etc.

    Marketing - the students are trained to do market research and advertising campaigns and to carry out the market policy of a company. The second degree of instruction puts stress on market theory, marketing research and company strategy, international marketing, the theory of prices, the management of advertising and the behaviour of the consumer, the application of business information systems, etc.

    Economics of cooperatives in contemporary society - the students study the management of cooperatives in contemporary society. The education guarantees sufficient training in Economics management and marketing, book-keeping and finance, management of human resources, cooperative law, history and theory of the cooperatives in Bulgaria.

    The students in Finance are trained in finance and stocks (to become stock-brokers ). This specialty has a great future. Apart from learning theory, foreign languages and computers, the students learn about the structure and activities of the stock exchange.

    Tourism is a very important part of the Bulgarian economy and there is a need for experts in this field. Therefore students study Tourism to obtain Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. They learn the planning, management and economics of tourism and the ecological aspects of its development. Special attention is paid to foreign languages and computers. After graduating the students can work in travel agencies, hotels and resorts, etc.

    Philosophical Faculty

    Tel: +359 62 62-82-16

    This Faculty was established in 1995 and is the newest in the University structure. The students graduate with BA's and MA's and can participate in the solution of all problems of society. They can work as teachers, lecturers and associates; in publishing houses, newspapers, etc.

    Orthodox Faculty

    Tel: +359 62 2-48-84

    This Faculty was established in 1991 with the blessing of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Patriarchate and the lecturers are some of the most famous professors in Bulgaria.

    The Faculty has to train specialists for Bulgarian Orthodox Church in order to promote the religions education of Bulgarians and cultivation and recognition of Christian values. Those who study theology can work as clergymen or teachers in semmaries, or work in secular or religions administration; they can teach religions instruction in the schools or colleges or work for charities.

    The students in Iconography are trained to draw icons. It affords the opportunity to study icon-painting which dates back many centuries in Bulgaria. They can work as icon-painters in churches or museums and teachers in the Tars.

    Faculty of Public Health

    Tel: + 359 62 4-98-34

    The integration of the humanities and medicine and the need for specialists with knowledge about the prevention of disease and promotion of health in its social and ecological aspects define the aims of the faculty of Public Health, which was established in 1992.

    Social activities - the students receive Bachelors and Masters degrees and are theoretically and practically trained to organize, be in charge of and execute the basic social activities; to investigate the basic needs of the people ( financial and social support, job transfers for reasons of health medical and social rehabilitation); organization of offices for satisfying social needs; and management of independent social structures (social care centers, institution of health care, charitable foundations and organizations). The students learn about physical and mental disabilities sociology, psychology, law, statistics, pedagogics and social management. They can work as specialists and managers of social health care centers or city councils and departments.

    The students study Physical education for four years. They receive Bachelors degrees become teachers of Physical Education. They learn how to cope with handicapped children and how they can use sports in order to improve their health. They can also learn about computers, statistics and sports management.

    About the University

    The University of Veliko Turnovo was established in 1963 on the historical hill of Sveta Gora. It marked the beginning of a center of the humanities, science, arts and education outside the capital of Bulgaria.

    Nowadays this university is an established institution with first-class facilities for academic and scientific research. It consists of 10 faculties, two colleges, two scientific centers, a university press, a summer school for students of Bulgarian and Slavic languages and two centers serving educational work - an Audio-visual center and a Center for Physical Education and Sports.

    The University has 7 buildings: a ceremonial hall for 500 people, a gynmasium, a central library and faculty libraries with reading rooms and over 400 000 books in Bulgarian and other languages. There are British, French, German, Austrian, Japanese, Spanish and Dutch centers with libraries and audio-visual aids. For the purposes of the educational process there are 4 language laboratories, 8 computer halls, a TV and a recording studio. The students can use the 3 canteens, 3 dormitories, a kindergarten for their children, places of amusement and recreation.

    There are foreign lecturers from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Poland and Slovakia.

    The University of Veliko Turnovo is a member of the International Association of Universities and the Association of European Universities. It cooperates with more than 20 universities which is a good foundation for scientific research and practice of professors and students, exchange of lecturers and books. The University holds national and international scientific forums.


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