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Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School


Address Ghent Campus, Reep 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Leuven Campus, Vlamingenstraat 83, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Tel. No. Ghent Campus: +32 9 210 97 11
Leuven Campus: +32 16 24 88 11
Fax No. Ghent Campus: +32 9 210 97 00
Leuven Campus: +32 16 24 88 00
Courses Masters in General Management
Masters in Financial Management
Masters in Marketing Management
Course Directors Masters in General Management: Prof. Dr. Deva Rangarajan
Masters in Financial Management: Prof. Dr. Sophie Manigart
Masters in Marketing Management: Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert
Core subjects Masters in General Management:
Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Introduction to Financial Accounting, Computer Skills, Introduction to Mathematics, Business Ethics, Decision Sciences for Business, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Innovation Management, International Management, Management and Organisation, Management Accounting & Management Control, Management of the Legal Function, Marketing Management, Negotiation Analysis and Conflict Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, Value Added ICT, Business Games, Seminars, In-company Project

Masters in Financial Management:
Financial Instruments, Corporate Restructuring, Entrepreneurial Finance, Investments, Financial Accounting and Analysis, Cost Accounting, Management Control, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Business Game, Managerial Skills, In-company Project

Masters in Marketing Management:
Introduction in Marketing Strategy, Markstrat Business Game, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Consumer Behaviour, Business Market Management, Market Research, Marketing Communication, Interactive Marketing, Product Marketing, Pricing Policy, Sales Management, Retail & Trade Marketing, International Marketing, Service Marketing, Integration Exercise, Reporting Techniques, Seminars, In-company Projects
Type of courses Full-time
Length of courses One-Year
Date of commencement Start early September and ends first week of July

Admission test dates:
Saturday 10 February 2007, Ghent
Friday 2 March 2007, Leuven
Thursday 5 April 2007, Ghent
Tuesday 10 July 2007, Ghent
Tuesday 28 August 2007, Ghent

Application deadline:
- On-campus assessment procedure: 2 weeks before the respective admission test
- Distance procedure: 31 March 2007 for non-EU students and 30 June 2007 for EU students
Class size Masters in General Management: Around 50-60 students
Masters in Financial Management: Around 35-40 students
Masters in Marketing Management: Around 35-40 students
Cost/fees Masters in General Management: 8,250 Euro
Masters in Financial Management: 7,000 Euro
Masters in Marketing Management: 7,000 Euro

The programme cost includes next to tuition, the costs for books, course materials, use of computers, company visits, accommodation for residential seminars.
Student grants Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has full and partial scholarships available which are awarded as payment of tuition fees on the basis of both merit and need.
Top recruiters of our graduates JP Morgan, Katoen Natie, KPMG, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley
Admission requirements Applicants should hold a four-year academic degree of at least 4 year normal study duration (minimum 240 ECTS credits) from an institution that is recognised by the relevant authorities of the home country.

There are two possible application procedures:
- On-campus assessment procedure
• A solid academic record at university level
• Attend one of the in-house admission test days
• A completed online application
• A non-refundable payment of the application fee of 50€
• Application deadline: 2 weeks before the respective admission test

- Distance procedure
• A solid academic record at university level
• A promising GMAT score
• A TOEFL score of 100/600
• A motivation paper
• Two reference letters
• A completed online application
• A non-refundable payment of the application fee of 50€
• Application deadline: 31 March 2007 for non-EU students and 30 June 2007 for EU students
Student profile Countries of origin
Masters in General Management: Belgium: 94 students, The Netherlands: 3 students, Germany: 1 student, Turkey: 1 student, Bulgaria: 1 student
Masters in Financial Management: Belgium: 32 students, USA: 1 student, UK: 1 student, Chinese: 3 students, Slovakia: 1 student, Vietnam: 1 student
Masters in Marketing Management: Belgium: 33 students, Ukrainia: 1 student, Russia: 1 student, Pakistan: 1 student
Ratio Men: Women
Masters in General Management: 61% Male students, 39% Female students
Masters in Financial Management: 80% Male students, 20% Female students
Masters in Marketing Management: 51% Male students, 49% Female students
Age Range
Masters in General Management: 23-28 years old
Masters in Financial Management: 20-31 years old
Masters in Marketing Management: 21-24 years old
Average Age
Masters in General Management: 24 years old
Masters in Financial Management: 23 years old
Masters in Marketing Management: 22 years old
Average Work Experience
No work experience required.


About the Programmes

Three distinct Masters degrees for post-university pre-professional experience candidates who want to untie their management skills in the most progressive business environment. Delivered in English to an international student body.

Masters of General Management (Ghent or Leuven)

This programme is designed for young and ambitious university graduates. The courses are practice-based and cover all management disciplines, with a special focus on management skills. This programme was organised for the first time in 1959 and is widely acclaimed in national and international business circles. In 2005 it was among 10 other pre-experience Masters programmes worldwide to first receive an accreditation from the Association of MBAs. The curriculum provides the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to address a wide range of business-related issues and will give you access to top executive jobs.

Masters in Financial Management

This programme is more than just a series of independent courses. Since all financial problems present many facets, it is a prerequisite that students should learn to integrate the distinct financial management techniques and theories. Integrative cases, a business game, a valuation project and the in-company project provide students with the skills required to integrate concepts and techniques. In addition, the programme covers essential management skills such as meeting or presentation techniques, managing negotiations and the like. We believe that our approach can make you excel as tomorrow’s successful financial manager.

Masters in Marketing Management

In an ever-changing Europe, this practice-based programme aims to prepare creative, talented and ambitious university graduates for a successful career in marketing. We offer our students not only the theoretical foundations but also - and mainly - the skills needed to apply these marketing concepts. We are as much, if not more, interested in doing than in thinking! A mix of negotiation management practice, oral and written reporting, meetings, discussions in small groups or working against tight deadlines will optimise your marketing expertise.


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