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Business School Budapest


Chancellor Professor István Tamás Ph. D.
Address Tárogató út 2-4, H-1021 Budapest, Hungary
Tel. No. +(36-1) 391-2574
Fax No. +(36-1) 391-2550
E-mail address
Programmes Budapest Campus
  • Intensive English Language Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
         - in Business Studies
         - in International Business Relations
         - in Finance and Accounting
         - in Travel and Tourism Management
         - in Arts Management
  • Master of Sciences
         - in International Business
         - in Financial Management
         - in Human Resource Management
         - in Marketing Management

  • Type of courses Full time
    Admission requirements Please visit our website for detailed information on admission:
    Contact for application László LENDVAI
    Chief International Recruitment Officer


    About the Programmes

    Intensive English Language Programme (IELP)

    The Intensive English Language Programme (IELP) has been run successfully for several years now at International Business School. Its primary objective is to prepare students for continuing their studies in English at bachelor level. It is therefore first and foremost recommended to those who eventually wish to obtain a degree from International Business School / Oxford Brookes University. But it is also ideal for those who simply want to improve their English for reasons of their choice.

    The programme includes the teaching of 20 hours of English per week that is 600 hours per academic year. All our language teachers are highly qualified and have substantial experience in teaching. The programme also offers the unique opportunity of learning 4 hours of Business English per week in the higher level group (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate). Students are grouped according to their present level of English, the levels ranging from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate / Advanced.

    BA in Business Studies (BABS)

    The BA in Business Studies programme aims to prepare you for a career in business and management or related areas. You will acquire thorough and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of business in relation to its environment and you will develop your personal skills while practising business techniques. You will embark on practical business tasks such as preparing business plans, undertaking negotiations, working with spreadsheets, devising strategies and tactics in competition with other teams, giving presentations, and analysing an organisation’s competitive position.

    BA in International Business Relations (BAIBR)

    This programme aims to produce professionals who speak several languages, and have a broad knowledge in the field of law, economics, international trade and business, communication and diplomacy. You will develop specialised knowledge in establishing and fostering international relations in business, culture and public service and skills in intercultural communication, undertaking negotiations, giving presentations, doing independent research.

    BA in Finance and Accounting (BAFIN)

    This programme is recommended for those who wish to work in the financial world, especially in the corporate or banking sector. Based on the common business knowledge acquired together with the students of the Business Studies programme, finance students get specialised basic and advanced courses on the topics of accounting, corporate finance, banking and investments. As a result, bachelors opting for this program will be able to execute, control and manage financial and accounting tasks. Besides theoretical concepts, you will gain practical insights and experience, which will help you in obtaining your first job.

    BA in Arts Management (BAAM)

    This unique programme aims to equip you with the practical and theoretical skills as well as the hands-on experience and sensitivity needed to work in the international arts industry. You will learn practical skills and put them into action, working alongside local arts organisations. You will also have the opportunity to develop, organise and manage your own projects, and so get your career off to a head start. As part of the programme all students undertake a placement with an arts organisation. This programme does not aim to educate artists. Rather, it will teach you to understand arts and artists, and the wider context in which they work so that you can successfully manage art-related organizations or launch your own business within the field of arts and culture.

    BA in Travel and Tourism Management (BATTM)

    Tourism is one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries, and a major provider of employment opportunities worldwide. This management based programme will prepare you for employment in the public or private sectors, managing, developing and planning tourism resources. You will be provided with a broad inter-disciplinary focus and the opportunity to study most aspects of tourism in depth. The programme content reflects the dynamic nature of the tourist industry and develops the core skills that are most valued by employers. The international flavour of the course ensures that students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make an effective contribution to the tourism industry.

    IBS offers 4 Master of Science (MSc) programmes

  • Master of Science in International Business
  • Master of Science in Financial Management
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Master of Science in Marketing Management

    The programmes are designed by addressing the present and expected future needs both in terms of further education and career advancement. All programmes are putting forward an approach in which discipline / function specific problems are handled as complex social and economic issues at once – which for the engaging participant would offer a valuable frame of reference to be used at the workplace. The MSc programmes are available to those who already possess a Bachelor’s degree and wish to broaden and/or deepen their knowledge and skills.

    The MSc programmes are open to all students, regardless of the type of undergraduate degree that they have.

    The language of teaching in all MSc programmes is English.

    Upon completion of our MSc programmes students shall be awarded the globally recognised degree of Oxford Brookes University.


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