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Budapest University
of Technology and Economics


Rector Prof. Dr. Gábor PÉCELI
Address Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
Tel. No. +36-1-463 39 81
Fax No. +36-1-463 24 60
E-mail address
Website address
Faculties & Colleges Degree programs in English in the Faculties of:
Civil Engineering
Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Mechanical Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Non-Degree programs in English in the Faculties of:
Economic and Social Sciences
Natural Sciences

Pre Engineering Course
Type of courses Full-time undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses leading to B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees
Language of instruction English
Length of courses Pre-Engineering Course: one year - two semesters
B.Sc. Program: 3,5-4 years, seven - eight semesters
M.Sc. Program: 1,5-2 years, three - four semesters
Ph.D. degree Program: usually three years, based on departmental research work.
Date of commencement Academic year / Fall semester: first week of September.
Spring semester (for transfer students, transition courses, new Pre-Engineering Courses): first week of February
Class size From 5- to 15 depending on the course
Accommodation University Hostel places available in a very limited number. Further Hostels are available near the University. Private apartment rentals are in reach for international students at a moderate cost in different parts of the city
Fees 1. Registration fee for application: EUR 100
2. Tuition fees for 2011/2012 academic year are as follows:

Preparatory courses: Pre-Engineering Course and General Course in Architecture
For non-EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester
For EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester

B.Sc.: Undergraduate Tuition Fees, leading to B.Sc. degree
For non-EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester
For EU citizens - EUR 2,250 per semester

B.Sc.: Undergraduate Tuition Fees, leading to B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering
For non-EU and EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester

M.Sc.: Graduate Tuition Fees, leading to M.Sc. degree for graduates of external higher education institutions
For non-EU citizens - EUR 3,500 per semester
For EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester

M.Sc.: Graduate Tuition Fees, leading to M.Sc. degree for graduates of BME
For non-EU citizens - EUR 3,200 per semester
For EU citizens - EUR 2,750 per semester

Ph.D./DLA: Postgraduate Tuition Fees, leading to Ph.D. or DLA degree
For non-EU and EU citizens - from EUR 4,500 per semester depending on the character of the research and course programs

Special: Tuition Fees for special students (courses leading to no degree)
For non-EU and EU citizens - EUR 110/credit points (min. 12 lessons per week)
Financial assistance Reduction of tuition fees for Excellent Academic Performance. Scholarship for the best B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students based on a competition system.
Admission requirements For undergraduate courses: Secondary School Graduation Certificate with good results in Math., Physics and English. Placement Test in Math, Physics and English (end of August).

For graduate programs: B.Sc. degree or equivalent with average grades of B or better, with official transcripts. For postgraduate programs M.Sc., Dipl.Ing. or its equivalent with excellent grades in the official transcripts.

English language proficiency at one of the following levels: a) TOEFL iBT test score of 90, PBT test score of 550 or higher, b) Cambridge First Certificate "B", c) IELTS score of 5.0
Student profile
  • National/Overseas students: approx. 24.000 Hungarian / 700 international students
  • Men/Women: 86 / 14 %
  • Age range: 18-25 years at undergraduate courses, 23-35 years at graduate and postgraduate Programs.
  • Contact for application Information Center for Engineering Programs in English (ICEPE)
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)
    H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
    Telephone: 36 1 463 39 81, Fax: 36 1 463 24 60


    Faculties & Colleges

    Faculty of Architecture

    The ten-semester program in English leads to the M.Sc degree in Architecture and Architectural Engineering (Dipl.Ing.Arch.) but it is possible to stop at the B.Sc. level, after 4 years.

    With wide range of complex design and elective subjects in three main directions: - Structural Design – buildings and other structures. Architectural Design – buildings with different functions, their interiors and surroundings, the preservation of historical buildings. Town Planning – urban design, settlement planning and management.

    Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Dr. Gábor BECKER
    Vice-Dean, responsible for English Programs: Associate Prof. Tamás VARGA DLA

    Faculty of Civil Engineering

    The engineering program in English leads to a B.Sc. degree in four years, in the Branch of Structural Engineering. The branch offers specific educational objectives: Graduates from the Branch of Structural Engineering create engineering structures by utilizing and designing structural materials. They are expected to design, construct and organize the investments of mechanically, structurally and technologically complex structures in cooperation with architects and transport and hydraulics specialists.

    Future structural engineers who graduate from this branch will be able to design and construct, among other things, flyovers and underground passageways for traffic networks; power stations, cooling towers, craneways, transmission line structures and TV towers; halls, storehouses, industrial plants, and multi-storey buildings as well as hydraulic engineering and water supply structures.

    Dean of the Faculty: Dr. Antal LOVAS
    Vice-Dean, responsible for English Programs: Dr. Sándor ÁDÁNY

    Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

    Seven-semester B.Sc. and four-semester M.Sc. Programs with Branches: Analytical and Structural Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Industrial Pharmaceutics, Polymer and Textile Technology. Environmental Engineering – M.Sc. program only in Environmental Technology Branch.

    Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Dr. György POKOL
    Course Director responsible for English Programs: Dr. Zoltán HELL

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

    Seven-semester B.Sc. Programs in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering with specialisations of Info-communication, Power Engineering, Embedded and Controller Systems in EE and Information Technologies and Infocommunication Networks in SE. Four-semester M.Sc. Programs in: Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Microelectronics and Technology, Power Engineering, and Business Analytics. Ph.D. Programs are available in all major tracks offered by the Faculty.

    Dean of the Faculty: Dr. László VAJTA
    Vice-Dean responsible for English Programs: Prof. Dr. János LEVENDOVSZKY

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

    Seven-semester B.Sc. degree in specialization of Process Engineering, and four-semester M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering Modelling. On B.Sc. level strong mathematical, mechanical, and material background and practice-oriented professional subjects figure the mechanical engineering knowledge. In the M.Sc. course 2 modules of the possible 6 (1. Solid Mechanics, 2. Fluid Mechanics, 3. Thermal Engineering, 4. Design and Technology, 5. Industrial Electronics, 6. Robotics) are allowed to choose which typically require the efficient modelling in order to access the continuously developing methods of computational engineering. Graduated students may enter for individual Ph.D. courses in the actual topics announced on the University website.

    Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Dr. Gábor STÉPÁN
    Vice-Dean responsible for English Programs: Dr. Tibor SZALAY

    Faculty of Transportation Engineering

    Four-semester M.Sc program in: - Transportation Engineering, with specialisation in transportation systems, specialisation in transport automation, specialisation in transportation engineering-management.

    - Engineering Logistics, with specialisation in processes of logistics and specialisation in technical logistics.

    - Vehicle Engineering, with specialisation in railway vehicle engineering, specialisation in automobile engineering, specialisation in naval architect engineering, specialisation in aircraft engineering, specialisation in mobile machine and building machine engineering, specialisation in automated materials-handling engineering, specialisation in vehicle manufacturing and vehicle repair, specialisation in vehicle system engineering, specialisation in transportation safety, specialisation in alternative vehicle drive systems.

    Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Dr. Béla KULCSÁR
    Vice-Dean responsible for English Programs: Prof. Dr. András ELEÖD

    Faculty of Natural Sciences

    Engineering Physics program with Branch of Nuclear Techniques at graduate level. Radiochemistry, reactor techniques, nuclear power plant technology, nuclear measurement techniques, radiation and environmental protection, applications for isotopes.

    Dean of the Faculty: Dr. János PIPEK
    Vice-Dean responsible for English Programs: Dr. Ilona KOVÁCS

    Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

    The faculty cooperates closely with all other faculties to provide lectures in social sciences, languages, physical education and teacher education and psychology. Technical English Language courses and ESL courses for international students. Ph.D. programs in economic and social sciences.

    Dean of the Faculty: Dr. János KÖVESI
    Vice-Dean responsible for English Programs: Dr. László VALKÓ

    Summer Course

    The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    (BME GPK) (18 June – 15 July, 2012)

    Key notions: 4EW is a healthy composition of professional elements, academic requirements and leisure time activities with a remarkably favourable budget in a very good geographical location, close to major European points of interests. Current status of the environment (locally-globally) especially in Hungary and Europe; energy production, energy crisis, environmental protection aspects; practicals; laboratory measurements, etc. Environmental problems. Renewable energy.

    Timing and duration: 4 weeks (18 June -15 July, 2012)

    Credit alue: 6 ECTS credits

    1.1. Courses to take: 2 courses of BSc curricula / 3 credits each
    - Measurement at Energy and Environmental Protection BMEGEENAG51
    - Air Pollution, Waste Water, and Solid Wastes Management BMEGEÁTAG04

    1.2. A series of lectures associated with the courses above (2x2 lectures/w, 90 mins each):
    --energy production, traditional and alternative energy; sustainability; energy crisis; energy saving; environmental protection

    1.3. Field trips: Paks Power Plant, Kelenföld Power Plant, Budapest Sewage Works (Csepel), Budapest Waste Works, Hárskút Center for Renewable Energy (bio farm)

    Finance: EUR 3,500,- (incl. application fee, tuition, field trips, airport pickup upon arrival, accommodation, city transportation, health insurance, academic transcripts, administration.

    Application process and deadline: (

    Contact for information, and email application to 15th March, 2012 at the latest.


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