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The "Iuliu Hatieganu" University
of Medicine and Pharmacy


Rector Assoc. Prof. dr. Alexandru Irimie
Address Str.Emil Isac Nr.13, 400023 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Tel. No. +40-264-406843; +40-264-597256 ext. 2185
Fax No. +40-264-597257; +40-264-594289
E-mail address
Website address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Faculty of Medicine (also English and French sections)
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine (also English and French sections)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy (also English and French sections)
  • Type of course Full time
    Length of course University Degree
    -Medicine - 6 study years
    -Dental Medicine - 6 study years
    -Pharmacy - 5 study years

    Short-cycle Degrees
    Nursing - 4 study years
    Midwifery - 4 study years
    Radiology and Medical Imaging - 3 study years
    Clinical Laboratory - 3 study years
    Balneo-Physio-Kinesitherapy and Rehabilitation - 3 study years
    Dental Techniques - 3 study years
    Dental Hygienist – 3 study years
    Nutrition and Dietetics – 3 study years

    Postgraduate Programmes:
    Residency: 2 to 7 years, depending on the specialty.
    Competency courses: 6 months to 1 year, depending on the competence required.
    Postgraduate training courses: between 1 and 6 weeks.
    Master’s degree programmes: 17
    Ph.D Degree: with attendance (4 year programme) and without attendance (6 year programme).
    Date of commencement 1st October
    Class size varies, according to programme chosen.
    Accommodation Available, but foreign students prefer rented accommodation.
    Fees National students: free of tax places available for students having successfully passed the entrance contest. A limited number of places for paying students are also available each year.
    Overseas students: are taken on a paying basis; the tuition fee amounts to 5000 EUR per study year
    Financial assistance National students: may receive study scholarships according to their school performance.
    Overseas students: may be granted scholarships by our University, according to their school performance. In some cases, overseas students may apply for scholarships granted by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports. It is applicable to specific countries and agreements.
    More information available at:
    Admission requirements Undergraduate studies:
    General procedure. Applicants will be accepted for enrollment preferentially, on individual file assessment and on a quality criteria-basis: e.g. grades during high-school, school leaving final examination grade, partial or full previous university education, internationally-recognized language certificates, extra-curricular carried-out activities, other relevant achievements, and a letter of recommendation.

    The content of the application file:
    Main documents:
    1. Standard application form
    2. CV
    3. Birth certificate ( original + 1 copy)
    4. Authenticated copies (2) of the high-school leave diploma
    5. Photocopy of the passport
    6. Medical certificate
    7. Language certificate

    Postgraduate studies:
    - a university degree in the medico-pharmaceutical field is requested

    An admission contest for doctoral studies is organized by the University once a year (in September). Non-EU citizens need to apply directly to the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, in order to be accepted into the programme and further get assigned a place.

    IMPORTANT: in the case of non-EU applicants, photocopies of the study documents as well as birth certificate, passport and medical certificate to be authenticated by the Romanian Embassy of the issuing country.

    For detailed information about admission requirements at all studylevels please follow the link:

    Teaching language
    For all programmes, the teaching language is Romanian.
    For the available programmes taught in foreign languages, the teaching language during the first 3 years will be either English or French. Given the need for doctor –patient communication, beginning the 4th year, the education is delivered in Romanian. Students applying at foreign sections are requested to make proof of an advanced language certificate as appropriate.
    Student profile National students:
    Undergraduate students - 6700
    Postgraduate students - 2075
    Doctoral students - 603
    Master students - 70
    Overseas students:
    Total number of overseas students : 2160
    Countries of origin: 53
    Contact for application Corina Muresan
    Admissions Office - Foreign Students
    Tel: +40-264-406843/ +40-264-597256/ 2189
    Fax: +40-264-597257



    Degree: Medical Doctor (M.D.)
    Dean: Prof.dr. Anca Buzoianu ( M.D)

    The faculty has a strong strategy of development, ensuring a modern, high quality medical education system in accordance with international standards. As a result of these high education standards and our strict evaluation criteria, the overall results of the latest residency contests has placed our graduates in primary positions at national level.

    3648 students are enrolled, studying under the supervision of 587 academics from 72 departments.


    Degree: Dentist (D.D.)
    Dean: Prof. Dr. Alin Şerbănescu (D.D)

    The priorities of the Faculty place considerable emphasis on the development of multidisciplinary skills: observation, practicals, clinical, communication, computer, team work and management skills New study disciplines have been introduced, such as: occlusology, implantology, oral pathology and dental community medicine, in accordance with international higher education criteria. At present, 1604 students attend the courses of this Faculty, working under the supervision of 108 academics from 14 chairs.


    Degree: Pharmacist
    Dean: Prof. Dr. Felicia Loghin

    The Faculty of Pharmacy has a complex structure including teaching staff and laboratories for all fundamental and specialty study disciplines. After 1989, new targets were initiated: the computerization of the education process, restructuring of the curricula according to contemporary European standards by adopting the transferable credit system as a basis for international mobility grants and prizes for students. 1257 students are enrolled, studying under the supervision of 48 academics from 21 chairs.

    Short-cycle programmes:


    Degree: Graduate nurse/ Graduate midwife

    The programme belongs to the Faculty of Medicine - initiator of this program, as a response to national priorities.

    20 academics from 26 chairs are responsible for the teaching process.


    Degree: Radiology Technician

    The programme was created in 1995, through the initiative of the Department of Radiology and Imaging, accepting 25 students annually. The programme trains medical staff essential for the highest level of diagnostic medicine using sophisticated imaging technology and radiotherapy techniques. 75 students are enrolled, studying under the supervision of 30 academics from 11 chairs.


    Degree: Laboratory technician

    The programme belongs to the Faculty of Medicine - initiator of this program, as a response to national priorities.

    20 academics from 19 chairs are responsible for the teaching process.


    Degree: Dental Technician
    Director: Prof.dr.Alin Şerbănescu
    Created in 1993, the programme is offered by the Faculty of Dentistry - initiator of this program, as a response to national priorities.

    84 students are enrolled for studies working under the supervision of 35 academics from 6 chairs.


    Director: Prof.dr. Radu Badea – Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs

    The doctoral school of “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a recent, but developing institutional structure.

    In the construction of its curricula, we have started from the structure of education programs built by similar higher education institutions from around the world and especially from the identification of the subjects considered to be essential for the harmonious training of a young researcher. The doctoral degree is organized in two ways: with attendance (4 year) and without attendance (6 year). At the end of the doctoral program, after oral presentation of the doctorate thesis and the confirmation of the scientific title awarded, the degree of "Doctor in Medicine" or "Doctor in Pharmacy" is given. In our University there are 96 scientific directors in 36 specialties (30 in medicine and 6 in pharmacy).

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