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Sakha (Yakutsk) State University


Address 58, Belinsky Street, Yakutsk
Republic of Sakha, RUSSIA, 677891
Tel. No. +7(4112) 26 33 44; +7 (4112) 26 15 94
Fax No. +77 (4112) 26 09 11
E-mail address
  • School of Biology and Geography
  • School of Geology and Survey
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of History and Law
  • School of Mathematics
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Sakha Linguistics and Native Culture
  • School of Physics
  • School of Russian Linguistics and Native Languages
  • Medical Institute
  • Teachers’ Training Institute
  • Institute of Finance and Economics
  • Type of course Full-time/ Part-time
    Length of programmes 5 to 6 years for undergraduates
    3 years for post-graduates
    Date of commencement 15 September
    Class size Varies from 10 to 30 depending on the programme
    Accommodation Available for limited number (Available for overseas students)
    Fees Different depending on the type of programme. The information on cost and fees is available upon request.
    Student grants Not available
    Admission requirements National: All applicants must take entrance examinations. The number of applicants to be enrolled is limited.

    International: Must be fluent in Russian. For degree programmes - entrance examinations. For non degree-seeking students - no entrance examinations. Further information is available from the Office of International Programmes.
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students: overseas students - 0.2% (10,565 national and 20 overseas students)
  • Ratio of Men / Women: Men - 43 %, Women - 57%
  • Age range:17 - 35
  • Contact for application Dr. Claudia I. Fyodorova
    Director, Office of International Programmes

    Sakha State University
    58, Belinsky st., Yakutsk
    Republic of Sakha, RUSSIA, 677891
    7 (4112) 26 33 44; 7 (4112) 26 15 94
    FAX: 7 (4112) 26 09 11


    School of Biology and Geography

    Degree Programmes
  • Teacher of Chemistry
  • Analitical Chemistry
  • Chemistry Technology and Biotechnology
  • Teacher of Biology and Chemistry
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Ichthyology
  • Radiobiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Teacher of Geography
  • Geography and Landscape
  • Geography and Hydrology
  • Geography and Ecology

  • School of Geology and Survey

    Degree Programmes
  • Information Science in Geology
  • Deposits of Diamonds and Precious Metals
  • Deposits of Metal and Non-metal Natural Resources
  • Geoecology
  • Water-supply and Drain
  • Land-reclamation and Water-supply
  • Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
  • Study of Frozen Soil Conditions (Permafrost) and Survey
  • Ore geophysics
  • Geophysical Research of Oil and Gas Wells
  • Structural Geophysics
  • Oil-field Geophysics and Geology

  • School of Civil Engineering

    Degree Programmes
  • Industrial and Civil Construction
  • Production of Building Materials, Articles and Constructions
  • Heating and Gas Supply, Ventilation
  • Technology of Woodworking

  • School of History and Law

    Degree Programmes
  • History and Political Sciences
  • Teacher of History
  • History and Archives
  • History and Ethnology
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law

  • School of Mathematics

    Degree Programmes
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computer Mathematics
  • Teaching Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Information Science
  • Mathematics and Programme Provision
  • Mathematical Economics

  • School of Foreign Languages

    Degree Programmes
  • French and Sakha Languages and Literature
  • French and English Language and Literature
  • English Language in Indigenous Schools
  • German Language and Literature
  • German Language and Psychology
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • English and Japanese Language and Literature
  • English and German Language and Literature

  • School of Sakha Linguistics and Native Culture

    Degree Programmes
  • Sakha Language for Indigenous Schools
  • Sakha Language for Schools with the Russian Language
  • Sakha Language and Native Culture
  • Sakha Language and Oriental Languages
  • Cross-Cultural Studies

  • School of Physics

    Degree Programmes
  • Teacher of Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science
  • Physics of Solid Bodies
  • Thermal Physics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Technology of Cutting Production
  • Technology of Diamond Instruments

  • School of Russian Linguistics and Native Languages

    Degree Programmes
  • Correspondent and Commentator
  • TV and Radio Journalism
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Teacher of World Culture
  • Teacher of Sakha Native Culture
  • Teacher of Russian Culture
  • School psychology
  • Native languages of Indigenous Peoples (Evenk, Even, Yukagir)

  • Medical Institute

    Degree Programmes
  • Internal Diseases
  • Surgical Diseases
  • Midwifery and Gynaecology
  • Children’s Surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • Dentistry

  • Teachers’ Training Institute

    Degree Programmes
  • Physical Education
  • Speech Therapist
  • Music
  • Methods of Physical Education
  • Methods of Teaching Fine Arts and Drawing
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Tutor
  • Computer Science
  • Teacher of Foreign Languages for Pre-School Age Students
  • Maintenance of Motor Transport
  • Maintenance of Radioelectronic Equipment and Computers

  • Institute of Finance and Economics

    Degree Programmes
  • World economics
  • Business and Management
  • Banking
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Taxes and Taxation


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