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Zaporozhye State University


Rector Professor Vyacheslav A.Tolok
Address 66 Zhukovskogo Street
Zaporozhye 330600, Ukraine,
Tel. No. ++38 (0612) 627161
Fax No. +38(0612) 644546
E-mail address
International Office
Website address
Faculties & Colleges
  • The Faculty of Mathematics and Economy Cybernetics
  • The Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Economy
  • Historical Faculty
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Foreign Philology
  • Date of commencement 1st September
    Fees from 1600 USD to 3500 USD per year for Ukrainian students and 3500 USD per year for overseas students
    Admission requirements knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian language is required
    Contact for application Vyacheslav A. Tolok, Rector


    Faculties and Specialized fields in Zaporozhye State University in 1998

    The Faculty of Mathematics and Economy Cybernetics

    Specialized fields: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Economy Cybernetics.

    History of Ukraine, Business Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian and Foreign Culture, Philosophy, Basis of Psychology and Pedagogics, Religion Studies, Basis of Economy, Political Studies, Basis of Law, Sociology, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Analitical Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Algebra and Theory of Numbers, Differential Geometry, Differential equations, Information and Programming, Complex Analysis, Methods of Calculation, Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Theoretical Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Basis of Ecology, Labour Safety, Theory of integral, Functional Analysis, Topology, Mathematical Logic, Elementary Mathematics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Finances, Money and the Loan, Insurance, Statistics, Econometry, International Economic Relations, Investment Activities, Microeconomics, Management, Marketing, Enterprise Economics, Accounting, Economic Analysis, Enterprise Analysis, Enterprise Analysis, Economic Risk and Methods of its Measurement, Economic History, History of Economic Studies, Economic policy, Basis of Business, Theory of complex automation systems, Imitation Modelling, Analysis of Economic Development, Mathematical Methods in Market Economy, Methods of Operation Investigations, Systems of Processing Economic Information, Subjects for Choice.

    The Faculty of Physics

    Specialized fields: Physics, Physics of Solid States.

    Courses: Mechanics, Molecular Physics, Electrics and Magnetism, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Statistic Phusics, Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Oscillations and Waves. They are taught to master computer technology, compiling programms in widely used computer languages, numerical methods and computer graphics, basis of automatisation and scientific experiments.

    Faculty of Economy

    Specialized fields: Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit

    Courses: General Theory of Finance, Company Finance, State and Commercial companies Finance, Credit Companies, Banking and Insurance, Taxation, Accounting, Audit, Basis of Marketing and Management, International Finance and Relations. Besids they acquire knowledge in Economic-Mathematical Methods, Automatic processing of the information and the information systems.

    The specialist will posess the knowledge in:
  • analysis of Macro and Microeconomics
  • study on internal and external market tendencies
  • study on
  • analysis of the economic relations of the company
  • study on the development perspective of the branch and regional production
  • investigation and elaboration of the recommendations on the improvement of the financial-loan system.

  • Historical Faculty

    Specialized fields: History, Social Work

    Scientific (a historian) training embraces theoretical and practical knowledge in fundemental, general scientific and special subjects. The training majors in:
  • World History
  • History of Ukraine
  • Historical ethnography
  • Archive studies
  • Functioning of the scientific-research establishments, archaelogical laboratories,institutes of Cossack History.

  • Faculty of Philology

    Specialized fields: Ukrainian Language and Journalism.

    Courses: Linguistics, Phonology, Morphology of Syntax, Phraseology, Vocabulary of the Modern Ukrainian Language, Old Slavonic and Latin, History of Ukrainian Language and Literature, Stylistics of the Modern Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Lexicography, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Cultural Study, Pedagogics, Sociology, Economics, Political Studies, Law, Foreign Language, History, Theory and Practice of Journalism.

    Faculty of Biology

    Specialized fields: Biology, Biology majoring in Hunting Studies.

    Courses: Philosophy, Law, History of Ukraine, Ukrainian Language, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biology, Botanics, Zoology, Cytology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Genetics, Pedagogics, Psychology, Physiology.

    Faculty of Health, Physical Education and Sports

    Specialized fields: Physical Rehabilitation, Olympic and Professional Sport

    Courses: Comprehensive Subjects, Methods of Using Gymnastics, Mobile and Sport Games, Track and Field, Tourism, Methods of Teaching Physically Handicapped, Panatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomechanics, School Hygiene, Ethnology, Pathogenese, Clinics,

    Faculty of Management

    Specialized fields: Company Management, Management of the International Economic Activities

    Courses: International Business, International Statistics, International Economic Law, Financial management of Foreign Corporations, Informational Systems of International Business, Management and Financial Accounting, Foreign Language, International Marketing, International Trade, Foreign Investment Activities, International Finance, Accounting an d Auditing International Economic Activities.

    Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology

    Specialized Fields: Social Pedagogics, Psychology

    Courses: Philosophy, Logic, Political Economy, Theory and History of Current Civilisations, Theory of Culture, History of Ukraine, Ukrainian Literature, General Pedagogic, General Psychology, Computering, Foreign Languages, Basis of Economics, Law, History of Religion, Rhetoric, Antropology, Social Psychology, Conflict Studies, Psychological Diagnosis, Pathological Psychology with Basis of Defectology, Family Psychology and Sociology, Medicine.

    Faculty of Law

    Specialized Fields: Law Studies

    Courses: Philosophy, Latin, Foreign Language, Rhetoric, Basis of Economic Theories, Ukrainian and Foreign Culture, Religion Studies, Computer Studies, Basis Of Marketing, Sociology, Politology, History of State and Ukrainian Law, History of State and Law of Foreign Countries, Theory of State and Law, Basis of romean Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Housing Law, Ecological Law, Court Bodies, Constitutional Law of Ukraine, Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries, Arbitration Proceedings, Criminal Trial, Lawsuit, Labour Law, Administrative Law, Criminalistics, Lawyers, Land Law, Law and Deontology.

    Faculty of Foreign Philology

    Specialized Fields: Philolog, Teacher of the English Language and Literature; Philolog, Teacher of the German Language and Literature, Philolog, Teacher of the French Language and Literature, Russian and a Second Foreign Language.

    Courses: Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogics, Culture Studies, History of Ukraine, History of the countries of the Language, Sociology, Economics, Political Studies, Law, Theory of a Foreign Language, Hisory of the Language, Theory of Phonetics, Practical Phonetics, Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology, Stylistics, Theory of Translation, Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language, Practice of a Language.


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