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First Tashkent
State Medical Institute


Rector Professor Daminov Turgunpulat Abidovich
Address 103 Musahanov Street, Tashkent 700048, Uzbekistan,
Tel. No. +(998) 712 676305; +(998) 712 687767
Fax No. +(998) 711 336226
E-mail address
Programmes General Practitioner
Medico-pedagogical (trains GP and teachers for medical colleges)
Faculty for training nurses with higher education
Type of courses Full-time
Length of courses 7 years for medicine and 5 years for stomatology
Date of commencement 1 September
Class size 8 – 10 persons
Accommodation Available
Fees 472 USD per 1 academic year for national students
2.500 USD per 1 academic year for overseas students
Financial assistance Available
Admission requirements - Interview
- Certificate of completion of high school
- Russian or Uzbek Language (there is 1 year preparing language course for overseas students)
Student profile Ratio of National / Overseas students - 3258/17
Ratio of Men / Women - 1503/1772
Age range - 17 - 35
Contact for application Professor Y. Madjidova
Head of Department For International Relations


About the Programmes

The Institute has the following faculties: General Practitioner, Stomatology, Medico-pedagogical (trains GP and teachers for medical colleges) and faculty for training nurses with high education.

The graduates of the General Practitioner and medico-pedagogical faculties get diplomas and graduate as general practitioners. They get the opportunity to work in the primary care units.

Those who want to be qualified specialists in specified areas of medicine enter the 2-3 year courses to get Master's degree.

The graduates of stomatological faculty get diploma and graduate as general stomatologists. They also have opportunity to enter courses for getting specialization.

Graduated physicians of medical-pedagogical faculty can deliver not only general practitioner activity, but teach students in medical schools of the Republic.


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