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Master “Software Engineering for Industrial Applications” (MEng)
Hof University of Applied Sciences


Address Hof University of Applied Sciences, Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1, 95028 Hof/Saale, Germany
Tel. No. +49 (0) 9281 409 – 3000
Fax No. +49 (0) 9281 409 – 400
E-mail address
Course Software Engineering for Industrial Applications
Type of course Full-time
Length of course 4 semesters
Date of commencement October 1 (application deadline: May 15);
March 15 (application deadline: November 30)
Class size 20
Cost/Fees 2.500 EUR per semester for national and international students.
Accommodation Available but cannot be guaranteed.
Student grants / financial assistance Available but cannot be guaranteed.
Admissions requirements Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related study field is obligatory.
Good knowledge in the areas of software engineering, programming, database systems and computer networks is required. In particular, the following topics have to be covered by a first degree:
Hardware: Computer components, micro controller programming
Software Engineering: Models, requirements engineering, design languages, software validation.
Programming: Extensive experience in the application of an object-oriented programming language (e.g. C++, Java). Participation in the implementation of a large scale application.
Database Systems: Relational and object-oriented database technology, database normalisation, SQL, programming interfaces (e.g. ODBC, JDBC, etc.), transactions, indexing.
Networks: General principles of computer networks, socket communication, object-oriented communication methods (e.g. Corba, Remote Method Invocation)
Profound knowledge of English is essential. No German is required for taking classes, they are all taught in English. However, it is mandatory to participate in some German classes here in Hof.
Contact details for application Hof University of Applied Sciences
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof
Course director Prof. Dr. Martin Thost


About the Master programme "Software Engineering for Industrial Applications"

Our Master programme “Software Engineering for Industrial Applications” is unique in its precise tailoring to the needs of the industry. The course comprises one year of full-time studies plus one year of integrated practice and is taught completely in English by a young and highly motivated team. Graduates do not only possess cutting-edge technological competence but also excellent management and engineering skills – perfect pre-requisites for a high-flying career in software development!

Course structure
The Master programme comprises four semesters.

The first two semesters provide theoretical knowledge in the domains of Management, Software Engineering for Distributed Systems, Advanced Information Systems and Logistic Systems. In addition, seminars on recent developments in these areas are offered.

Students spend the third and fourth semesters working as an intern in a company to gain more practical experience. This second year is thus dedicated to training assignments in application oriented research and development projects. After a successful completion of these studies, Hof University of Applied Sciences awards you the academic degree "Master of Engineering"

Learning objectives
The programme prepares students for complex management and engineering tasks in the domain of software development for industrial applications. In this field, information technology is increasingly characterised by integrated solutions interconnecting systems on various levels. Its applications range from low-level control of production processes to high-level management and logistic tasks of multiple independent companies. Managing projects in this domain requires not only excellent technological competence but also management and engineering skills which have to be trained and demonstrated in a sufficiently complex environment.

Practical relevance

As a University of Applied Sciences, we are dedicated to the paradigm of "higher education for working life", i.e. we pay special attention to the practice orientation of all courses and assignments. To deepen their knowledge and to gain more practical experience, students spend the second year of the course doing an internship in industry. Usually, most costs are covered through an industry grant.

We support our students in finding an appropriate internship and provide contact addresses for this purpose. So far, our students have been doing internships for example with IBM, Siemens, Rehau AG, ND SatCom and the JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Union).

Chances to find a good position in the job market after graduation are very good. Up to now, we have a 100 % placement of our graduates in very renowned companies. All our graduates have immediately found well paid positions with companies such as Siemens and ND SatCom but also with smaller local companies.


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