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Master of Public Management (MPM)
SDA Bocconi School of Management


Address Via Bocconi, 8 - 20136 Milano, Italy
Tel. No. +39 02 5836 6875
Fax No. +39 02 5836 6890
E-mail address
Web address Master of Public Management website
Course Master of Public Management
Type of course Full-time
Length of course 9 months of classroom activities and an internship of at least 3 months
Date of commencement September 2013
Application deadline 15 June 2013
Class size Max 40
Cost/Fees 19000 Euro
Accommodation SDA Bocconi does not provide on-campus accommodation. But there is a good variety of reasonably priced housing in the area: apartment, hotel or residence.
Financial assistance The School assists candidates with their funds search by placing at their disposal the documentation required for financial support applications.

In particular, Bocconi grants opportunities for low-interest loans available to admitted students, thanks to agreements with some partner banks.

Furthermore the University provides international students with information about possible sources for financing in several countries.
Admissions requirements
  • Degree in any discipline
    The applicants should have an undergraduate university degree. The program should be of a minimum of three years in a relevant academic subject. The overall education career from primary school to undergraduate degree should be of at least 15 years.
    The MPM program is open to students with different backgrounds. However, people with a background/interest in social sciences and/or international affairs will get the best from this Master.
  • Work Experience
    3 years post Bachelor working experience are an advantage but this is not an essential requirement. Therefore, applications from people with limited professional experience but a strong interest in international public management will be taken into consideration.
  • English language: TOEFL or similar
    The MPM is taught entirely in the English language.
    Therefore, a good working knowledge of such language is mandatory.
    In this light, candidates are required to take the test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or similar in order to demonstrate their proficiency. This requirement does not apply to students that are native of an English speaking country or who have completed a University programme located in an English-speaking country
  • Admission tests: GRE or GMAT score
    GRE or GMAT tests are required and considered in the selection procedure.
  • Course director Emanuele Vendramini
    Course coordinator Monica Otto
    Contact details for application Joanne Matthews
    Via Bocconi, 8
    20136 Milan - Italy
    tel. +39 02 5836 6875
    fax +39 02 5836 6890
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    About the Programme

    MPM is an intensive, full time program lasting 9 months plus a compulsory internship period (at least 3 months), beginning on September 2012.

    The course structure is comprised of four different residential parts:

    PUBLIC COLLOQUIM (September 2013)
    This is an introductory course, which has three objectives:
    - to orient incoming students to the MPM program and to Bocconi University;
    - to give students a sense of the scope and nature of skills and attributes required of public managers and MPM participants;
    - to provide students with effective skills in the art of diversity management, teambuilding and professional document writing through some interactive workshops.

    CORE COURSES (September 2013 - May 2014)
    Each student is required to take the MPM core courses, which are offered throughout the program.
    * First Term - Fundamentals of Public Management (September - December 2013)
    - Public Sector Basics: Aims, Tasks, Structures and Management
    - Quantitative Methods
    - Public Economics
    - Organizational Behaviour in Public Institutions
    - Financial Accounting for Public Institutions
    - Strategic Management of Public Institutions
    - Linking Human Rights to Development: The Critical Role of Local Governance

    *Second Term - Management and Governance of Public Services and Policies (January -March 2014)
    - Management of NGO's
    - Law and Public Management
    - Organization and Human Resource Management in Public Institutions
    - Performance Measurement and Management of Public and Not for Profit Institutions
    - Marketing and Communication in the Public Sector
    - E-government Strategies

    Third Term - Perspectives (April - May 2014)
    - Microeconomics of Competitiveness - in affiliation with Harvard Business School

    CONCENTRATIONS (April - May 2014)
    The Specializations are taken during the third term. Students have to choose one Specialization among the following:
    *Cooperation and Development
    *International Business-Government Relations
    *Management of International Organizations and NGOs

    INTERSHIP Min. 3 months from June 2014
    After the completion of MPM class activities, students are expected to use their skills in a real setting. As such, students will undertake a field project in a public or public-related organization. Internships give participants the opportunity to tackle actual management problems in a real organization. Students are asked to generate professional value for the hosting institution, receiving in exchange a valuable learning experience.

    Internships are carried out over a period of at least 3 months and involve a full-time commitment. During this period, each student is supervised by one MPM faculty member.

    Internships may be carried out in any country.

    Potential hosting institutions are:
    - supranational and international institutions;
    - national, regional and local government institutions, agencies and companies involved into the delivery of public services;
    - NPOs and NGOs;
    - research centers;
    - consultancy companies.


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