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School of Economics


Address Rynek 9, 33-100 Tarnow
woj. Malopolskie, Poland
Tel. No. + 48 14 21 13 61
Fax No. + 48 14 22 10 83
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • The Faculty of Management and Marketing
    awarding professional diploma of Licencjat (equivalent of Bachelor's degree )
    The Faculty consists of four chairs:
    * The Chair of Economics
    * The Chair of Management
    * The Chair of Marketing
    * The Chair of Finance
  • Post-lyceum Vocational College
    awarding professional certificate: Technician Diploma
  • The Centre for the Development of Managers
  • School of Postgraduate Study

  • Length of programmes The bachelor's programmes last for 3 years and comprise 6 terms
    The postgraduate programmes last for 1 year ( 2 terms ) .
    Post-lyceum Vocational College - 2 years (4 terms ).
    Date of commencement Academic year starts on October 1st.
    Accommodation The students may use halls of residence and hostels.
    Accommodation in a hall of residence ranges from 114 to 126 PLN per month.
    Class size Seminars, laboratory & foreign language classes: - up to 15 students
    Lectures: 60-80 students
    Fees Bachelor's programmes
    applicants pay:
    * Application fee of 50 PLN
    * Enrolment fee of 500 PLN
    Full-time Bachelor's programme:
    400 PLN per month, payable for 10 months a year , from October to July , before 10th of each month.
    Part-time Bachelor's programme:
    1200 PLN for winter term and 1300 PLN for summer term.
    Postgraduate programmes:
    Enrolment fee of 200 PLN . This sum is included in the total tuition fee of 2,500 PLN, but is not refundable in case an applicant resigns . The fee may be paid in two instalments 1st at the beginning and 2nd at the end of the first term.
    Post-lyceum Vocational College:
    * Enrolment fee of 200 PLN,
    * Tuition fee :120 PLN per month , payable for 10 months a year , from October to July.
    Student grants/
    Financial assistance
    The full-time students may be granted a scientific scholarship for good academic performance.
    Admission requirements See below
    Student Profile * Ratio of National/Overseas students: 1,691/3
    * Ratio of Men/Women: 2/3
    * Age range: 19-41
    Contact for application Renata Mielak


    Faculties & Colleges

    The Faculty of Management and Marketing

    Address: Szeroka 9, 33-100 Tarnow,

    Phone/ Fax: + 48 21 28 07, extension 28

    Dean: Dr Aleksander Kowalski

    Chair of Economics:
    Head of Chair: Prof. Dr hab. Stanislaw Lis

    The Chair is subdivided into three independent departments:
    Department of Economics
    Director: Prof. Dr hab. Jan Siekierski
    Department of Statistics and Econometrics
    Director: Dr Alicja Olech - Nowak
    Department of European Studies
    Director: Prof. Dr hab. Stanislaw

    Chair of Management:
    Head of Chair: Dr hab. Leszek Koziol

    The Chair is subdivided into two independent departments:
    Department of Organisational Management Methods
    Director: Dr hab. Leszek Koziol
    Department of Management Strategy
    Director: Prof. Dr hab. Adam Stabryla

    Chair of Marketing:
    Head of Chair: Dr hab. Józefa Famielec

    The Chair is subdivided into two independent departments:
    Department of Market Analysis & Research
    Director: Dr Leszek Strzembicki
    Department of Marketing Management Strategy
    Director: Dr Maria Plonka

    Chair of Finance:
    Head of Chair: Dr hab. Jan Czekaj

    The Chair is subdivided into three independent departments:
    Department of Finance
    Director: Dr Stanislaw Belniak
    Department of Accounting
    Director: Dr Jerzy Kuchmacz Department of Business Insurance
    Director: Dr Gragyna Sordyl

    The Division of Foreign Language Teaching
    Director: mgr Joanna Graca

    Department of Law
    Director: Dr Janusz Koczanowski

    Department of Computer Science
    Director: Dr eng. Wladyslaw Iwaniec

    The Division of Physical Education and Sports
    Director: mgr Jerzy Niklas

    The Faculty of Management and Marketing offers , both for full-time and part-time students, four different study majors ( degrees ), which they can choose individually after three terms of general course. The mentioned majors are as follows:

    * Accounting and Finance Management
    * Management of Enterprises
    * Marketing
    * Insurance Management

    Applicants are recruited among higher school graduates having Master's or Bachelor's degree. Graduation demands not only required examinations , but also preparation and successful defence of a short thesis. The School offers five different one-year programmes, which are as follows:

    * Accounting and Finance Management
    * Public Economy Management
    * Real Estate and Investment Management
    * Management and Marketing
    * Education Management

    Post-lyceum Vocational College
    Director: mgr Pawel Belzowski

    Post-lyceum Vocational College is a non-public institution which offers two-years' study after matriculation , which awards the professional technician diploma. The School offers three different part-time programmes , which are as follows:

    * Computer Science
    * Office work
    * Economics - Finance and Accounting

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants seeking admission to Malopolska School of Economics must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law and the School's regulations. They comprise the following :

    For Bachelor's ( Polish: Licencjat ) programmes and Post-lyceum Vocational College :
    * submitting certificate of secondary education ,
    * submitting application for enrolment addressed to the Rector of Malopolska School of Economics,
    * submitting application form including a completed questionnaire and a curriculum vitae,
    * submitting a medical certificate confirming the applicant's physical and mental condition are adequate to study,
    * submitting four passport-size photographs,
    * taking part in a qualifying interview,
    * foreign students must meet the standards of qualification normally required to be admitted to a university or college in the applicant's country of permanent residence equivalent to Polish certificates. They have to be holders of valid passports and student visas.

    For postgraduate studies:
    * submitting certificate of secondary education ,
    * submitting Bachelor's or Master's degree from a recognised university or institution of higher education in the applicant's country of permanent residence ,
    * submitting an application form and a curriculum vitae.


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