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Belgorod State Technical
Academy of Building Materials


Address 46, Kostyukov Street, Belgorod 308012, Russia
Tel. No. +7(0722) 250468, 258729
Fax No. +7(0722) 257139
E-mail address
Rector Villen Alexejevich Ivakhnyuk
  • Silicate and composite materials technology
  • Construction technologies
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Works automation and information technologies
  • Economics and management
  • Foreign students and international activities
  • Humanities
  • Belgorod Institute of Engineering, Management, International Moderation & law,
  • Type of courses Full-time
    Distance Learning
    Full-time and Distance
    Length of courses From 2 to 6 years
    Date of commencement September 1
    Class size 12-25 students
    Accommodation The academy has 3 halls of residence. In a section on two floors there are 5 living rooms, a kitchen, a showeroom and a wash room. There is also a hall of residence for married students and postgraduate students, a hotel. The students may rent an apartment with all modern conveniences under favourable terms.
    Fees 1200-1500 USD annually/370 USD or at the expense of the federal budget
    Student grants Overseas excellent students, members of Association of International Students as well as their family members get 10 - 15% discount when paying tuition fees. Home students have grants. At the students' trade union they can get vouchers on favourable terms to get meals at the Academy canteens and to medical care and rest.
    The most gifted students get nominal grants: of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, Belgorod region administration, industrial enterprises.
    Admission requirements To apply you will need application form, copy of the education diploma, contract, medical certificate, 8 photos (3x4). The last date of the documents admission is September 1 annually.
    The Russian language knowledge requirements meet the requirements of Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).
    Student profile
  • National / Foreign students: 5952/175
  • Men / Women: 3687/2265
  • Age range: 18-25
  • Contact for application Vladimir Dmitrijevich Kuznetsov
    Phone: 7-(0722)- 258729
    Fax: 7-(0722)-257139


    Faculty of Silicate and Composite Materials Technology

    Dean: Kudejarova Nina Petrovna, Cd.Sc.(Engineering), Assist. Professor
    Tel: (0722) 253761
    Fax: (0722) 257139

    Students: 878
    Academic staff: 70 (10 doctors of sciences & 35 candidates of sciences)


  • Technology of Cement & Composite Materials
  • Ceramics
  • Technology of Glass & Glass Crystal Materials
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical & Colloid Chemistry

  • Qualifications:
    25.08 Chemical technology of refractory non-metal and silicate materials
    32.07 Environment protection and natural resources rational use

    Faculty of construction technology

    Dean: Yurjev Alexander Gavrilovich, D.Sc., Professor
    Tel: (0722) - 258803
    Fax: (0722) - 257139

    Students: 1594 Academic staff: 124 (76 professors, assistant professors, doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences)

  • building structures
  • technology and engineering of bases & foundations
  • production of building materials, articles and structures
  • roads and airports
  • industrial ecology machines & equipment
  • architecture, towns planning, art & design
  • architecture structures, building parts & details
  • building materials engineering
  • materials strength & theoretical mechanics
  • physics

  • Qualifications:
    29.01 Architecture
    29.03 Industrial and civil engineering
    29.05 Urban construction and municipal facilities
    29.06 Manufacture of building materials, articles and structures
    29.07 Heat and gas supply and ventilation
    29.10 Road and airfield construction
    07.20 Standardisation and certification

    Faculty of economics and management

    Dean: Doroshenko Yurii Anatoljevich, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor
    Tel: (0722) - 252291, 359709
    Fax: (0722) - 257139

    Students: 975
    Academic staff 100 (10 professors, doctors of sciences, over 50 assistant professors and candidates of sciences)

  • production economics & engineering
  • international business
  • financial management
  • strategic management
  • marketing
  • accountancy & auditing
  • mathematics
  • foreign languages

  • Qualifications:
    06.05 Accounting and auditing
    06.08 Economics and management of the building materials enterprises

    Faculty of Works Automation and Information Technologies

    Dean: Konstantinov Igor Sergejevich, D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor
    Tel: (0722) - 253537
    Fax: (0722) - 257139

    Students: 882
    Academic staff: 80

  • computer software & automated systems
  • technological processes automation
  • energy engineering of heat supply technology
  • vital functions safety
  • electrical engineering & automation
  • information technologies

  • Qualifications:
    10.08 Power engineering of heating technology
    21.02 Automation of technological processes and works
    22.04 Automated systems and computer technics software
    33.05 Technological processes and works safety

    Faculty of Mechanical Equipment

    Dean: Bogdanov Vasilii Stepanovich, D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Academician of the Quality Academy, Honoured Inventor
    Tel: (0722) - 254422
    Fax: (0722) - 257139

    Students: 1623 Academic staff: 90 (8 professors, doctors of sciences, 40 assistant professors and candidates of sciences)

  • mechanical equipment of building materials enterprises
  • mechanical engineering technology & robotics complexes
  • road building machines
  • machine elements & theory of machines & mechanisms
  • descriptive geometry & graphics Qualifications:
    12.01 Mechanical engineering technology
    17.09 Lifting transport, construction and road machines and equipment
    17.16 Mechanical equipment and technological complexes for building materials en-terrorises, articles and structures

    Department of foreign student and international activities

    Tel: (0722)-258729
    Fax: (0722)-257139

    There is a pre-studies course and the Russian language sub-faculty. At the department they train by all the degree courses and qualifications offered at the Academy including the highest qualification courses: post-graduate course and Ph.D. degree course.

    Dean: Kuznetsov Vladimir Dmitrijevich, Cd.Sc.(Engineering), Assist.Professor, Director of the Inter-university Centre of International Co-operation and Academic Mobility of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (since 1999), Member of the International Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), member of editorial board of the information - analytical bulletin of the central - black earth region "Interkurjer" (Belgorod region), expert of the Russian Council of Academic Mobility, Honoured Member of the International Association of Overseas Students.

    Institute of Engineering, Management, International Moderation, Law (IEMIML) attached to Belgorod State Technical Academy of Building Materials

    Tel/Fax: (0722) - 258664

    The Institute was founded in 1997. Training is according to the system of the expenditure complete compensation. There are four faculties:
  • Engineering
  • Economics & management
  • International moderation and law
  • Supplementary education

  • Training is offered in all the degree courses offered at the Academy. There is a course of professional communication translation and law on the basis of secondary vocational education.
    Depending on the education level students study at the Academy from 2 years & 10 months to 4 years & 10 months at full- time department and from 2 years & 10 months to 5 years & 10 months at distance and full - time - distance departments.
    Those who have a certificate of some professional education can get another degree in 2-3 years.

    Rector of IEMIML - Konstantinov Igor Sergejevich, D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor


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