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Address 2 Montagu Mews North, London W1H 2JR, UK
Tel. No. +44 207 1642141
Fax No. +44 20 7724 6179
Courses Teachers Refresher Course
Business English
Intensive Business English
Intensive General English
Part-time Evening Courses
Cambridge Preparation
Cultural Experience
Communication for Lawyers
International Business
Young Business English
Junior Program
Young English Study
Spanish BECAS
One-to-One Executives
Study and stay at you Teacher’s Home
Type of courses Adults Full-time and Part-time, Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Junior, Summer Courses, Executive, Exam Preparation
Length of courses From 1 to 52 weeks
Level of courses From Beginner to Advanced
Examinations offered Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC
Class size From one-to-one to 15, depending on the course
Date of commencement Any Monday for general courses, fixed dates for specific courses
Accommodation Homestay, Student Residences, Private shared flats, studio flats, hotels
Cost / Fees Depends on type and length of course. Please enquire with the School


About the Courses

General English

General English is a standard course which provides a solid overall foundation in the English language. The General English courses seek to improve your overall fluency, providing a practical understanding of the language and how it is used. You will focus on the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. These will improve your knowledge of the language and maximise your ability to use the English you already know.

Academic Year: General English - These courses are ideal for students who wish to have a long-term study programme to perfect their English, and to introduce them to higher education possibilities in the UK. Students can also choose to take a range of internationally recognised examinations.

Summer Vacation Course: General English - An ideal course for students who wish to spend part of their summer holiday combining English language study with a strong social and sports activity programme, and city excursions.

Summer General English - This is our most popular course in the summer! 20 lessons (15 hours) English tuition per week, in a group at your level. Classes take place from 09.00-12.30, Mondays to Fridays.

Intensive General English

The Intensive English course is the same as the General English programme, but is accelerated through two extra lessons in the afternoon, making a total of 30 lessons per week. This means you will have more time to study, enabling you to progress faster and gain greater fluency and accuracy. Your teachers will guide your progress every step of the way.

Summer Intensive General English - This Summer intensive course consists of 30 lessons (22.5 hours) of English tuition per week, in a group at your level. Classes run from 09.00-15.00, Mondays to Fridays.

Other Courses

Certificate of General English - The most popular course which promises an all round improvement in every area of English. You can study for as long or as short a time as you like (from a two week minimum) every Monday.

English Plus Conversation - In the General English with Conversation class you are encouraged not write anything down, and instead to concentrate on verbal communication. This programme is the same as the General English course, consisting of 3 classes a day plus a further 1 classes of conversation.

English Plus Pronunciation - English pronunciation is one of the areas students find most difficult. On the English Plus Pronunciation course, 1 class per day is focused entirely on improving your pronunciation. You will work on problem sounds in the English language, and practise using stress and intonation to help you develop a natural English accent. The rest of the time during this 20-class Monday to Friday programme is dedicated to developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Full Immersion - The Full Immersion course consists of 40 lessons, making up 30 hours of teaching. It is designed to assist students who are only able to study for a short time, and who want to maximise their exposure to the language.

Cultural Experience - English Language Cultural Experience is a fantastic course that combines English classes with visits to London's best tourist sites - including the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Modern, the Science Museum, and many other interesting places. On this course you use London as your classroom. This method has been proven to expand and improve language students' vocabulary quicker than traditional courses. This course won the British Council's Innovation Prize for English Language Teaching in 2006.

Afternoon English - Afternoon English means you have the same course as General English, but at a reduced price. The course is 3 classes per day, Monday to Friday, and aims to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Classes take place from 16:00 to 19:00 and are ideal for students looking to discover London in the morning and improve their language skills in a classroom environment in the evenings.

Smart Express - Smart Express uses the most cutting edge technology known in language schools today. The course gives you the opportunity to study faster and to spend less on fees. Through emails, forums and chatrooms you can contact your teacher at any time. In a recent survey, 92% of students found that they studied faster using this programme than traditional classroom methods.

Part-time Evening Course - This course is for students who may not have the time to be a full-time English student. You can choose between English for work, Cambridge, IELTS, and General English courses. These 12 week courses are once a week, and are split between Intermediate and Advanced levels.

One-to-One Course - One-to-One courses allow the teacher to design his or her lesson plan according to the individual needs of the student. It is highly flexible and personal as a course, allowing you to choose 20, 30, or 40 lessons per week. It can be combined with group courses.

Compact Course - This broad General English course is designed to improve your language skills whilst giving you the time to work and have fun. You will develop the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and also sharpening your grammar. There are 20 lessons a week (15 hours in total). You will take a placement test when you arrive, which tests your starting ability. The school will then place you in a class with other students who have a similar level of English.

3 Evening General English for Work Course - these part-time courses in particular are designed to help you acquire functional language skills for work use, for example telephone communication, giving presentations, and negotiating. As with all General English classes you will develop your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, as well as practise the essential language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Junior Course - The school places a lot of importance on learning the language from an early age. To this end, we have created some fantastic courses for young learners and junior groups. The Junior Course is designed to be fun, engaging and interactive, and to meet the exact requirements of the students. There is a strong emphasis on vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and listening. It also grants students the experience of studying in a multi-cultural environment, and the opportunity to create friendships with other children from all over the world.

IELTS Courses

IELTS coursesare exam preparatory courses, guaranteeing improvement in your English skills and preparing you for your chosen examination. It is a highly structured type of course, with teachers constantly guiding your progress.

The primary focus of these courses is to ensure you attain or surpass the level of English skills you require to sit your chosen exam. You will receive instruction for your specific exam - the school recognises that every student is different, which is why they combine a structured course with a personal study plan, individual tutorials, and a personal reading programme.

IELTS + General English - IELTS is an examination recognised by all British Universities to indicate an applicant's suitability for a university course. IELTS - Semi Intensive Preparation- Successful applicants for university entrance normally require a score of 6.0/6.5, depending on the university and specific course. This course runs 30 hours a week. IELTS Evening Course - The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the standard evaluation method for International students preparing for entry to UK Universities or other further education institutions. On this course you will learn specific grammar and practise exam technique in reading, writing, speaking and listening to succeed in the exam.

General English and IELTS or TOEFL Courses (London - Russell Square)

IELTS Preparation Course - The IELTS Preparation Course is an intensive, 6-week course designed to prepare you fully for the IELTS examination. There are 20 lessons per week of General English (15 hours) and 8 lessons of IELTS preparation (6 hours) each week. The course focuses on grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

TOEIC - The TOEIC exam is a test for people whose native language is not English and measures the everyday skills of people working in an international environment. This efficient one-week preparation course takes place several times a year and can be taken alone, or added to a General English course programme. The exam is taken at the end of the week, and the course aims to ensure you have had a chance to practise the type of questions that will arise in the exam.

Exam Preparation for Cambridge - These exams are based on the language level standards of Upper Intermediate (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE). This means you are guaranteed to improve your English and prepare for your chosen examination. Internationally-recognised qualification is a requirement if you are seeking entrance into an English speaking university. It also provides a competitive edge when applying a job, or moving to another country.

Cambridge First Certificate in English - The Cambridge First Certificate in English Course is designed for thorough preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) examination. There are two versions: Compact (20 lessons per week) or Intensive (28 lessons per week). You will take regular progress exams and two complete practice exams during the course.

Cambridge Exam + General English - A four week course designed for students preparing for IELTS or TOEFL exams. On this course you will learn specific grammar and practise exam technique in reading, writing, speaking and listening to succeed in the exam. IELTS preparation also provides a good way of developing your English for use in an academic context - for example, essay writing, note-taking, and oral discussion skills.

Business English Courses

These courses offer General English with Business, and are designed to enable you to have a fully functional command of the English language in the workplace. The courses focus on the key communication skills of writing, reading and spoken language, with specific vocabulary to help make you workplace ready. English is the international language of business, and by facilitating communication it will open doors to many new possibilities.

Business English Certificate - the BEC Suite of examinations offers an English Language qualification for learners wishing to use English for the purposes of international business. There are three BEC levels, and at each level there are reading, writing, listening and speaking components.

Intensive Business English - The Intensive Business course will improve your English quickly and with the workplace in mind. This 25-class programme concentrates in the morning on developing your general English abilities, and in the afternoon focuses on the language and skills required in a business context. You will work on English used on negotiations, presentations, email and letter writing, telephone skills, and all the types of communication associated with daily business.

Business World - An ideal course for students who wish to study English and improve their business English. Make sure you are workplace-ready with this 21 hours per week course. Don't forget that this course is offered by a British Council Centre of Excellence, the 7th most highly ranked School in the UK!

Executive English - The Executive English course is an individualised programme that is designed for executive and business purposes. This programme is a combination of classes, with a maximum of 4 students, with individual tutorials that are one-to-one with the teacher. In the 3 hours of "Quatorial" classes every day you will focus on developing comprehension and expression skills. The further 2 hours of tutorials each day allow you and the teacher to focus on your own personal language requirements. You also have a bonus hour of spoken workshop per day, designed to improve and solidify your oral skills.

Executive One-to-One. If you are an Executive and want to feel more confident at communicating in English in your professional life, then this course is ideal for you. Every day you will have 4 hours of one-to-one classes with a highly-trained teacher who is an expert at meeting your specific linguistic needs.

English for International Business - the English for International Business course is ideal for experienced executives, managers and professionals who wish to improve their language in a commercial context, in the shortest possible time. This course is designed for people who have already been working for some time and are already well-established in their given careers.

Young Business English - This course is for young professionals who are looking to improve their communication skills in the work place. Young Business English is designed for 20-30 year olds. The average student age is 26.

Communication Skills for Lawyers - This course is aimed at qualified, experienced lawyers with a fairly confident command of English. On the Communication Skills for Lawyers course there is a strong focus on case studies, negotiations, discussions and meetings. Materials combine real, professional content. By taking Communication Skills for Lawyers, you will be able to communicate more confidently in legal situations and use specialised legal vocabulary more effectively.

Young Lawyers - This course is for newly qualified lawyers or a current law student. This aims to give you the specialised language that you will need for your careers. English for Young Lawyers is for 20-30 year olds and will ensure that you can communicate more confidently in legal situations and use specialised legal jargon in a more effective manner.

Legal English - This 12-week evening course includes preparation for the Cambridge ILEC exam, an overview of the English legal system and a full range of English language writing, listening, reading, speaking & grammar activities; all of which specifically focus on key aspects of UK law.

Becas Courses

Becas Magisterio - Spanish teacher training students and teachers who have obtained a BECA grant from the MEC will be interested in this 6 week package. 17.5 hours of General English + individual room in student residence in Central London with en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen between 6 students + e-learning - all for £2281 (€2555 approx.).

Inglés Becas MEC - MEPSYD 2010 en residencia - Spanish students who have obtained a BECA grant from the MEC - MEPSYD 2010 - will be interested in this fantastic 3 week package: 3 weeks of 20 classes of General English + single accommodation in residence + e-Learning - for only £1113 (€1247 approx.).

Inglés Becas MEC - MEPSYD 2010 Magisterio - Spanish teacher training students and teachers who have obtained a BECA grant from the MEC will be interested in this fantastic 6 week package. 20 hours of General English + single accommodation in residence + e-Learning - for only £2046 (€2292 approx.).

Inglés Becas MEC - MEPSYD 2010 Magisterio en familia - Spanish teacher training students and teachers who have obtained a BECA grant from the MEC / MEPSYD will be interested in this fantastic 6 week package. 15 hours of General English + Individual Room in family self-catering accommodation + e-learning - for only £1854 (€2086 approx.).

Inglés Becas MEC - MEPSYD 2010 Magisterio en residencia de verano-Spanish teacher training students and teacher who have obtained a BECA grant from the MEC / MEPSYD will be interested in this fantastic 6 week package. 15 hours of General English + individual Room in student residence in central London with en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen between 6 students + e-learning for £2198 (2462€ approx).

Beca MEC Students - This BECAs MEC, MEPSYD 2010 package for Spanish students only includes 3 weeks of General English 20 classes + accommodation in residence + e-Learning - for only £1225 (1378 Euros approx.)

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Answer English is an agency that offers a high level of hands on, one-to-one contact with prospective and current students. They can help those interested in studying English in the United Kingdom find a programme that is suitable for them - be it an English Course London or a Cambridge English Course. Answer English offers a wide range of courses to meet all needs and a variety of destinations. If you would like to receive more information about one of our courses, please contact us at below.

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