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BITES College
(Business, Information Technology
and English Services)


Address BITES College. 61-65 Oxford Street (entrance 14 Soho Street), Soho, London, W1D 3DN, UK
Tel. No. +44 (0)7734 9989
Fax No. +44 (0)74371302
E-mail address
Course Titles Degree Level:
ABE Business Administration
ABE Business Information Systems
ABE Travel and Tourism

Short Courses:
General English
Business English
Computing: Microsoft Office, web design, graphic design, web design and e-commerce principles
Type of courses Full-time, part-time, day and evening classes plus combination courses
Length of courses From 1 week to 2.5 years
6 hours, 15 hours, 21 hours, 30 hours per week
Level of courses Degree Level (to Bachelor’s degree awarded by external university)
Diploma Levels: Certificate to advanced
Short course levels: Beginner to proficiency
Examinations offered (nb. Approved center to run the following preparation Courses – all examinations marked with a * are taken externally)

Association of Business Executives (ABE) Diploma level courses; Certificate to Advanced Diploma*
Executive Master of Business Information (Awarded by the Irish International University [European Union])
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism (Awarded by the Irish International University [European Union])
Bachelor of Computing and Information Systems (Awarded by the Irish International University [European Union])
Cambridge University Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) – KET*, PET*, FCE*, CAE*, CPE*
Pitman Qualifications*
City and Guilds*
Class size This depends on the course, however we try to maintain an average of fifteen students per class.
Date of commencement For most courses students can start any Monday, however some courses have set term dates; details of which can be found on our website or you can contact our branch directly
Accommodation If you need to arrange accommodation we will be willing to help. We have contacts with many landlords in London who are used to student tenants and also some home-stay availability (with a family). There are also many short-term student hostels in London, where you can stay until you find something more permanent. We are happy to help you find and book any of the above: you will need to contact us for further information and availability.
Admission requirements These vary depending on the course you wish to enter. If you are unsure of you skill level there are tests available on the website which you can complete to find out your level, or we can test you before you start your course. Some of the degree level courses have specific entry requirements; details of which can be found on the website or you can enquire at reception.
Student profile Our students are all aged over 16 and come from many different backgrounds. We have a wide range of students of various nationalities and the classes are mixed in age and origin.
Cost / Fees Course fees can be found on our website, or by contacting reception. The fees listed below are just a guideline. A full list of course fees, lengths and timetables can be found on our website. If you don’t see what you need, please ask!

Degree Level Courses
Course ABE Business Administration Certificate ABE Travel and Tourism Diploma 1&2 ABE Business Information Systems Advanced Diploma
Length 6 months 1 year 1 year
Fees £1100 £1700 £1700
Full-time yes yes yes

Short Courses
Course General English Business English Computing
Length Academic Year Academic Year Academic Year
Fees From £380 From £700 From £850
Full-time yes yes yes

Director of Studies Ms. Sally De’ath


About the Courses

Our Goal:

BITES is committed to providing a wide range of courses that will enable students to gain real skills and real qualifications. As a recognized center with ABE, City and Guilds and Pitmans, Cambridge University we are certain we can offer a suitable course at an affordable price. We guarantee our teachers’ ability, experience and qualifications and ensure that they are all dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of teaching and professional standards. All of our courses follow a recognized syllabus and are taught using varied methodology and mediums to arouse the analytical skills of the student.

Your Goal – skills for employment:

Our short courses (one year or less) provide students with the relevant practical skills to use in the workplace; whether these be simply obtaining a grasp of English or using a computer confidently. On these courses the emphasis is to reach your goals in the least time possible, so that you can quickly move onto something new. You will also be able to take examinations so that you have something to show potential employers at the end of your course.

Your Goal – Higher education:

Many of our students want to be able to study up to degree level, so that they have an internationally recognized and respected qualification. For that reason we offer degree courses in Business Administration, Business Information Systems and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. All of these courses are approved by ABE (the Association of Business Executives). Students can stay with us for 3.5 years and receive a degree awarded by the Irish International University or, they can study with us for 2.5 years and then gain immediate entry to a wide range of UK universities to complete the final year of their degree.

Looking to the future:

At LITE we realize that in order to offer our students the best possible choice and quality of education we need to continually develop our portfolio of courses. With this in mind we will listen to the needs of our students and monitor the fields they wish to enter and expand accordingly. A regular update of new courses that are coming soon is made available to students well in advance, which means they can plan their progression and realize their goals.

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