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Specialists International


Address 1-13 Lord Montgomery Way, Portsmouth PO1 2AH, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)2392 291811
Fax +44 (0)2392 750435
E-mail address
Type of courses Adult General English
  • Adult General English: 17.5 hours per week, + 5 hours self-access
  • Intensive Plus General English: 25 hours per week, + 5 hours self-access
  • General English plus Examinations Preparation: 25 hours per week, + 5 hours self-access
  • General English plus One-to-One: 17.5hours group, 5 hours 1:1.
  • General English Combination: 12.5 hours 1-1, 12.5 hours group

    General English plus Business English
    – 12.5 hours General English (maximum group size 12 students), 12.5 hours Executive Minigroup (maximum 4 students), minimum age 25.

    Executive and Professional Communications courses
    All Executive programmes are 35 hours Contact Training per week (including optional Accompanied Lunch programme )
  • Executive One-to-One
  • Closed Group programmes
  • Executive Open Group – maximum 4 per group
  • Combination Programme: 50% 1:1, 50% Executive Open Group
  • Level of courses Adult General English
  • from Elementary to Advanced (CPE)
  • Executive courses: from Lower Intermediate to Advanced Beginners/Elementary accepted on One-to-One
  • Examinations offered I.E.L.T.S. (LSI is a testing centre)
    Date of commencement Any Monday throughout year. Adult General English: where Monday is Bank Holiday, courses start on Tuesday
    Class size AAdult General English
  • Maximum 12 (10 on Exams and Intensive elements), average 8 Executive courses
  • Open Group courses: Maximum 4 (average 3)
  • Closed Group courses: Maximum 6
  • Student accommodation
  • Standard and Executive Host Families (highly recommended)
  • University Hall of Residence: self-catering or half-board (Summer only)
  • Flat/House rental
    Adult and Executive Courses
    Standard Family, single room half-board 115 per week in non-summer period and 120 per week in Summer period Executive Host Family (including Trainer-accompanied lunch) 270 per week
    Apartment/House from 190 to 500 per week
  • Fees All courses carry a Registration Fee of 60. Fees are shown per week. On all Adult General courses one week’s free tuition given for every 10 weeks paid. Fees exclude accommodation.

    Adult General English: 185/210
    Intensive Plus General English: 235/270
    General English plus Examinations Preparation: 235/270
    General English plus One-to-One: 410/420
    50% General English / 50% Individual: 735/735
    General English plus Business English 470/470

    Executive One-to-One 1350
    Closed Group programmes: per group of up to 6 people 2200
    Executive Open Group – maximum 4 per group 950
    Combination Programme: 50% 1:1, 50% Executive Open Group 1150
    Admission requirements Completed registration form & payment of Registration Fee Minimum Ages:
  • Adult General English: 18
  • Executive Programmes: 25
  • Student profile Adult General English: average age around 25, young undergraduates/graduates/professionals Key nationalities: Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Saudi, Swiss, Omani, Russian

    Executive: Average age 35-45, middle/senior management from multinational companies/governments Key nationalities: all Western European plus Middle Eastern, Asian and South American.
    Director Mr. Peter Gray
    Name of contact
    person for application
    Lisa Marsh
    Welfare and Accommodation Manager


    About the Courses

    All courses are designed to be stimulating, focused, enjoyable and immediately useful.

    Adult General English courses:

    Flexible and fun, they combine attention to structure and grammar with an emphasis on communication skills and fluency. A wide range of the most modern techniques is used to ensure maximum progress in all areas. Exam courses are taught by accredited examiners. Books and materials are provided free of charge, and all students have free access to the schools excellent Self-Access Centre outside of class hours as well as un limited free WiFi Broadband. A lively and varied social programme ensures that students integrate rapidly and quickly make friends of other nationalities, further improving their progress in the English language.

    Executive Programmes:

    LSI carries out training for over 500 multinational companies, including household names such as Bayer, Bosch, CarGlass, Cap Gemini, GazProm, ExxonMobil, Lukoil, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Renault, Siemens.

    Trainers are specialists, mainly with business/technical or financial experience. Areas focused on include language and strategies for meetings, negotiating tactics and language, professional presentation skills in English, business telephoning.

    Specialist courses are available for law, finance, pharmaceuticals, sales and marketing, military applications, telecommunications, insurance, human resources, and engineering/technical English. Executives have their own stimulating extra-curricular social and cultural programme available.

    About the Language Specialist International

    LSI owns its own superb, purpose-built premises in the centre of Portsmouth, one of the most attractive and historically interesting cities in the South of England.

    The school has among the best facilities of any school of its size in Britain: 48 beautifully-decorated and furnished, light, airy classrooms; student Cafeteria and separate student lounge with snooker, pool, table tennis, TV and video; excellent self-access centre with video-points, listening room, language laboratory, computer facilities with fast broadband access to the Internet and the World Wide Web, unlimited free Wi-Fi access. LSI also offers a separate Executive Suite within the building, with its own executive coffee-lounge and private study facilities, together with two fully-equipped Presentations Training rooms.

    With only four language schools in a city of 200,000, we are also able to guarantee an exceptionally high quality of host families. Portsmouth has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, being an important ferry port and University city: excellent night-life, a wide range of restaurants, discos, pubs and music venues to suit every taste and pocket, and with first-class sports facilities: tennis, swimming, gymnasium, multi-sports centre, squash, sailing and windsurfing. The city is just 90 minutes from London by fast train, and 1 hours from Heathrow or Gatwick airports, with excellent road and rail connections to all the other major cities and places of interest in the South.


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