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Oxford Brookes University
School of Planning


Address Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 OBP
Tel. No. +44 (0) 1865 483438
Fax No. +44 (0) 1865 483559
E-mail address
Undergraduate Courses
Planning Studies, BA(Hons)
  • Environmental Design
  • Urban & Social Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Transport Studies
  • Joint Honours Degrees
  • Planning Studies
  • Transport & Travel
  • Environmental Policy
  • Leisure Planning
  • Cities & Society
  • Environmental Design & Conservation

  • Dip/MSc Programmes
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Planning in Developing Countries
  • Transport Planning
  • European Spatial & Environmental Planning
  • Tourism
  • Housing
  • Historic Conservation
  • Urban Design
  • Urban Management

  • Research Degrees MPhil/PhD Supervisory expertise in an extensive range of subjects.
    Type of course Full-time or part-time
    Length of courses BA/Dip 3-4 years
    Dip/MSc courses 12-24 months
    MPhil/PhD research 3-4 years
    Date of Commencement October each year
    Cost/Fees Full-time - £2675 per annum
    Part-time - £1110 per annum
    Non-EU - £6900 per annum
    Accommodation On and off campus
    Class size 12 – 80
    Student grants/
    financial assistance
    ESRC for EU nationals
    National/Overseas students 60:40
    Men/Women 70:30
    Age range 21 – 55
    Contact person
    for application
    Prof. Georgia Butina Watson
    Deputy Head


    Course/Program description

    Oxford Brookes University is a large and Well established centre of research, education and post-experience and mid-career training. The School of Planning is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in its field. With nearly 50 teaching and research staff, it is one of the largest schools in Europe with an extensive array of undergraduate and especially postgraduate courses in Planning, Housing Management, Urban Design, Historic Conservation, Transport Planning, and Environmental Assessment and Management.

    The School of Planning has offered Graduate courses specialising in planning since 1966. The courses have been continually improved and have also formed the basis for a whole family of related graduate courses.

    The School is a major centre for research. In the national three-yearly research ranking exercise in 1993, the School of Planning was one of the highest ranked of the 32 schools or departments in planning and allied subjects. The School has received the highest possible ranking for ESRC Research Studentships and for its teaching quality assessed by government inspectors at the last assessment in 1991.

    The School of Planning has a large and lively graduate division offering taught and research based qualifications in planning and, jointly with the School of Architecture, in the Joint Centre for Urban Design (JCUD). Comprising some 400 students, we offer a range of professionally recognised graduate level diplomas, specialist masters degrees and research opportunities at MPhil/PhD level.


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