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School of Archaeology and Ancient History
University Leicester


Address School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, United Kingdom
Tel. No. +44(0)116 252 2772
Fax No. +44(0)116 223 1267
E-mail address
Courses Distance Learning
MA in Archaeology & Heritage;
MA in Historical Archaeology
MA in Classical Archaeology
Postgraduate Certificates (PGC) in
(Landscape Archaeology; Management of Archaeological Projects; Archaeology of Standing Buildings; Critical Approaches to the Archaeological Heritage);
Historical Archaeology
(Doing Historical Archaeology; Archaeology of the Modern World; Historical Archaeology of England; Classical Landscapes).
Classical Mediterranean
(Doing Historical Archaeology; Encountering the Classical World; Households and Domesticity in the Ancient World; Classical Landscapes)
PhD by distance learning
Type of courses Part-time by distance learning
Length of courses 24 months (minimum) to 60 months (maximum) for the MA: 12 months to 24 months for the Postgraduate Certificate. PhD six years.
Date of commencement October, February and June for the MA and Postgraduate Certificate
Class size Typically between 10 and 30 for each intake
Cost/fees MA: 6600 (UK/EU), 7590 (Other overseas);
PGC: 2200 (UK/EU), 2530 (Other overseas);
PhD: 1733 per annum (UK/EU), 4368 (Other overseas)
Student grants Grants for the MA courses are available through open competition from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for UK/EU students. The British Council may be able to help in a limited number of other cases.
Admission requirements The MA course is intended for graduates in archaeology, and in cognate subjects such as history and geography with appropriate content or archaeological experience, but students from other disciplines will also be considered. Substantial full-time professional experience in a relevant field may be taken as equivalent to a first degree. If you have a degree in a subject other than those above, you can, by arrangement, take 40 credits of our undergraduate courses as bridging modules which will normally gain you entry to the MA. For the Postgraduate Certificates similar standards apply, but education and relevant professional experience may be in other appropriate fields.

English Language requirements
Acceptable evidence includes: GCSE/0- level English Language at grade C or above; an overall score of 6.5 in the British Council IELTS test; a score of 550 in TOEFL, including a satisfactory mark in the Test of Written English (TWE).
Student profile 1.Countries of origin:: Our students are primarily from the UK and other EU countries, including Ireland, Germany and Malta, and from north America (both Canada and the USA)
2. Ratio Men: Women : Equal
3. Age Range: 23- 59
4. Average Age: Information not available
5. Average Work Experience: Typically several years as a professional archaeologist
Contact for application Selina Thraves (DL Administrator)
Distance Learning Unit,
School of Archaeology & Ancient History,
University of Leicester,
Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK
Tel: +44(0)116 252 2772
Fax: +44(0)116 223 1267
Course Director Dr Mark Pluciennik


About the Programmes

Leicester is the world-leader in the provision of archaeology by distance learning, and our MA in Archaeology and Heritage has been running since 1997. It is primarily designed for existing professionals in archaeology or related fields who wish to enhance their career prospects and improve their skills. It is also designed to train students for work in professional archaeology, related fields such as museums, government agencies, national parks and heritage sites, and also in planning, landscape management, and the heritage tourism sector. It is recognised as a top professional qualification by UK government bodies such as English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, and local government authorities. In the USA the MA is accepted as an eligible qualification for members of the Register of Professional Archaeologists; many of our students work for the national Forest Service or in national parks, or for the US military, as well as in a variety of CRM firms and organizations.

Our MA in Historical Archaeology is expected to appeal both existing professionals in archaeology or related fields who have a particular interest in this area. It is also designed to act as a suitable qualification for students wishing to become researchers or otherwise follow an academic path. Leicester has one of the highest concentrations of historical archaeologists of any UK university, and staff specialisms range from the ancient world to the modern city. With many ancient historians among our staff we are also uniquely placed to explore the theoretical and practical implications of working in 'text-aided' periods from the Classical period in the Old World, through medieval and post-medieval times. Although there is a focus on later historical periods, Doing Historical Archaeology in particular ranges widely across space and time as well as relevant theories and methods, and students who are more interested in earlier periods can take Classical Landscapes as one of their modules. There is also the opportunity to explore (later) historical archaeology on the ground through our field-based module, and which all students are encouraged to take.

The new MA in Classical Archaeology is for those seeking to become researchers in archaeology and/or ancient history, or to enhance their professional careers in archaeology, classical studies, museum or related contexts, as well as for existing professionals in heritage or related fields who have a particular interest in this area. The School has a range of staff expertise and specialisms exceptional to Britain, ranging from Greek urban societies to Roman economies and late antique identities. Interests extending from southern Gaul to North Africa and Syria enable coherent analysis of the whole Mediterranean. With many ancient historians as well as classical archaeologists among our staff we are uniquely placed to explore this material.

There are currently over 120 students registered for our postgraduate courses, and more than 100 students have now graduated with the MA, a number with distinction. The MA can be taken by students from anywhere in the world and extends over two years. There is no requirement to come to Leicester on any occasion, except, we hope, for the degree ceremony when you will receive your MA. The course is as flexible as possible, so that students can defer in between modules, if, for example, there is a sudden extra workload in one’s full-time job, or other time or financial pressures which require a break from studying.

Course structure

Each MA comprises four taught modules and a 15,000-word dissertation.

For each taught module you will receive a pack which includes a course reader written by staff in the School of Archaeology & Ancient History plus a range of books, journal articles, pamphlets and CDs with data where applicable. Depending upon your background it is likely that you will need to spend between 10-15 hours a week studying. Each module lasts for 15 weeks, during which you will be required to complete two assignments. The four available taught modules for the MA in Archaeology & Heritage are Landscape Archaeology; Management of Archaeological Projects; The Archaeology of Standing Buildings; and Critical Approaches to the Archaeological Heritage.

For the MA in Historical Archaeology the modules are: Doing Historical Archaeology; Archaeology of the Modern World; Historical Archaeology of England; Classical Landscapes; and The Archaeology of Standing Buildings.

For the MA in the Classical Mediterranean the modules are: Doing Historical Archaeology; Encountering the Classical World; Households and Domesticity in the Ancient World; Classical Landscapes.

All these modules are also available as Postgraduate Certificates (with a shorter 7,500-word dissertation). Further details about our PhD (research) degrees by distance learning are available on request.


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