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University of York
Politics Department


Address Heslington, York YO10 5DD, United Kingdom
Tel. No. +44(0) 1904 433561
Fax No. +44(0) 1904 433563
E-mail address
Courses Taught Masters:
  • MA Political Philosophy
  • MA Political Philosophy (The Idea of Toleration)
  • MA Comparative Politics
  • MA Public Administration & Public Policy
  • MA History & Politics: Popular Movements
  • MSc Administrative Science & Development Problems
  • MSc Women Development & Administration

  • Research Degrees:
  • MA by dissertation
  • MPhil
  • DPhil
  • Length of
    full time course(s)
  • Masters: 1 year
  • MPhil: 2 years (+ 1 year writing up)
  • DPhil: 3 years (+ 1 year writing up)
  • Date of Commencement October
    Class size Varies between approximately 5 and 20.
    Student accommodation Available
    Cost / Fees Approximately:
    Tuition fees 6700, Maintenance 6500
    Student grants /
    Financial assistance
  • Scholarships for Overseas students (masters and research degrees)
  • University Research Studentship/Scholarship (research degrees)
  • Course director Director of Graduate School: Professor Alex Callinicos
    Admission requirements At least 5.50 in the paper-based, or 213 in the computer-based, TOEFL or 6.0 in the British Council's IELTS. Alternatively, grades of A or B in the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English will also be accepted.
    National /
    Overseas students
    24 National / 25 Overseas
    Men / Women 11 Men / 14 Women
    Age range Typically early to mid 20s, but with a sprinkling of more mature students.
    Contact person
    for application
    Caroline Moore, Graduate Secretary


    Course/Program description

    * MA in Political Philosophy (The Idea of Toleration)
    This is a one-year taught course designed for graduates in the social sciences, philosophy, or history who are interested in political philosophy and the history of political thought. The MA consists of four taught courses plus a dissertation on a topic of the student's own choice. Students must take core courses in the History of the Idea of Toleration and Contemporary Issues in Toleration, and select two more from a list of courses available also to those doing the MA in Political Philosophy.

    * MA in Political Philosophy
    Similar to the MA in Toleration except that the two core courses on Toleration are not compulsory. Students must take Approaches to the History of Political Philosophy and Contemporary Political Philosophy, and two other courses from a list that usually includes History of the Idea of Toleration, Contemporary Issues in Toleration, The Political Philosophy of the British Idealists, Legal Philosophy, Communitarianism, Marxist Theory, and Ancient Greek Political Thought

    * MA in Public Administration and Public Policy
    This course provides a training in research methods and an in-depth knowledge of public administration and public policy-making in advanced industrial societies. It is both an academic and a vocational course, designed to train both researchers and practitioners. It is a one-year degree, consisting of taught courses - including training in Research Methods and core courses in Public Organization Theory and Policy Analysis and Public Policy - (assessed through essays and project work), and the supervised writing of a dissertation.

    * MSc in Administrative Science and Development Problems
    The course brings together three categories of people: government administrators who run Districts or direct public sector enterprises and younger `high-fliers' who are destined to hold such positions as well as post-graduates interested in the field of Development Studies. The degree consists of four taught courses - Issues in Social and Political Change and Public Organization Theory, Issues in Economic Change, and Policy Analysis and Public Policy - and the supervised writing of a dissertation.

    * MA in Comparative Politics
    The focus of this interdisciplinary programme is on the changing relationship between the national state and the international political economy. The MA provides training in basic theory and comparative methodology and students are encouraged, particularly when writing their dissertation, to specialise either on a particular country or area, or on more theoretical issues such as, for example, contemporary state theory or development theory. It consists of three compulsory courses - The States We're In, State and Society in International Perspective, and Comparative Political Enquiry, two optional courses, and a dissertation.

    *MA in History and Politics
    This programme offers a unique combination of methodological training and substantive studies across the disciplines of History and Politics, taught by members of both departments. The focus is on popular movements across the political spectrum and across a wide variety of periods and societies.

    * Research Degrees (MA by Dissertation, MPhil, and DPhil)
    The department has attracted a lively and growing group of research students. Most are studying for a doctorate, though some take the one-year MA by Dissertation.

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