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Brief Historical Overview Relating to Postal History

The independence of Albania from Ottoman rule was declared on 28 November 1912, and was recognised by the Treaty of London, on 30 May 1913.

The foreign post offices continued to function - Austrian in Durres, Sarande, Shengjin, Shkoder and Valone until 1915 and Italian in Jannina until 1914, Shkorder until 1915 and Durres and Vlore until 1923.

Albania had a provisional government from 1913 until 1914.

Prince William was offered the Crown on 21 February 1914 but he left Albania on 3 September 1914.

From 13 September 1914 the Italians occupied Southern Albania, the North was occupied by Serbia and Montenegro. In 1915 the Austrians occupied Albania until the end of 1918.

Essad Pasha ruled in Central Albania from January 1914 until 24 February 1916 when the Austrians took over.

The Autonomous Province of Koritza existed from 1916 to 1918. On 11 December 1916 the French General Sarrali set up Autonomous Province in Eastern Albania in Koritza. In 1918, this Autonomy was abolished and it became French military territory. Kurita was returned to Albania in June 1920. Turkhan Bey set up a Provisional Government in December 1918. Complete independence was achieved on 2 September when the last Italian troops left the country.

An Inter-Allied Commission ruled Scutari until 11 March 1920.

Albania was a republic from 21 January 195 until 1 September 1928 when King Zog the I proclaim it a Kingdom until 7 April 1939 when Albania was occupied by Italians until September 1943 when the Germans came in and ruled the country up to 29 November 1944. Albania became an independent state and was named People's Republic on 11 January 1946.


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