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Brief Historical Overview Relating to Postal History

Until 1877, Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of Berlin in 1878 established Bulgaria as a Principality under Ottoman suzerainty and Eastern Roumelia was declared semi-autonomous until 1885 when was incorporated in Bulgaria.

On 5 October 1908, Prince Ferdinand proclaimed himself Tsar. Full independence was recognised by Turkey in 1909.

The first postal service to operate in Bulgaria was Austrian. In late 1830s. D.D.S.G. when company ships operated regular service on the Danube P.O was opened at Vidin, Lom-Palanka, Oreava, Nicopol, Svishtov, Rustchuk, Turtukay and Silistria and lasted until 1880.

Austrian Consular Post Office was opened in Varna (1845), Sofia (1851), Rustchuk (1853), Philippopolis (1859), Burgas (1860) and Vidin (1868). They were all closed on 30 September 1880, except Rustchuk and Varna, which closed in 1884. The Austrian Consular Post Office in Philippopolis, capital of Eastern Roumelia, was closed on 31 March 1889.

The Ottoman Postal Administration set up a network of Turkish P.O. The system operated in the northern part of the country from 1861 until 1879 and in the Southern part until 1913.

French P.O. was open in Varna and the Russians had a P.O. in Burgas.

The Bulgarian Postal Administration started on 1/13 May 1879.


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