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Brief Historical Overview Relating to Postal History

The Danubian principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia were in 1858 under the Ottoman suzerainty. The first stamps of Moldavia "Bull Heads" were issued on 21 July 1858.

On 19 August 1858, the Paris Conference united both principalities. On 17 January 1859, Moldavia elected Alexandru Cuza for prince and on 5 February 1859, Wallachia did the same. The union of the two principalities was made on 23 December 1861 and Cuza was recognised by the Sultan as a prince of Romania. On 1 May 1962, uniform postal tariff for the whole of Romania was introduced. Stampless mail was used in May and June 1862.

When the postal administrations of Austria and Hungary were separated on 1 May 1867, Hungary took over six post offices in Romania: Bucharest, Giurgevo, Braila, and Plojetsie, in Wallachia and Fokoschan and Galataz in Moldavia. These post offices were in operation until 31 March 1869.

The earliest Post Office was an Austrian establishment in Crajova between 1718 and 1739. Russian Courier Service was in operation between 1774 and 1781. Consular Post Office was open in 1785 at Bucharest and Jassy.

French Consular Post Offices were open at Galatz and Bottushan in 1836 and at Braila in 1845.

Turkish Post Offices in Romania were all concentrated in the Dobrudja area from 1841 until 1877 and they are Galatz, Hirsova, Kustendje, Machin, Mejidiye, and Tulcha.

The first stamps of Romania were issued at 26 June 1862


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