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Brief Historical Overview Relating to Postal History

Serbia was a mediaeval kingdom but become part of the Ottoman Empire from 1459 until 1804. Between 1830 and 1878 Serbia was autonomous principality and become completely independent by the Treaty of Berlin on 22 August 1878.

The Austrian Post Office operated in Belgrade between 1718 and 1739 when Serbia were reverted to the Turks. Austrian couriers operated throughout Serbia where Aleksinac as a relay station become very important.

In 1830s D.D.S.G. began to call at Belgrade and other Serbian ports on the Danube and take mail until there closure 22 March 1879.

Austrian Consular Post Office was open on 1 August 1841 and functioned until 30 September 1869.

The Ottoman authorities set up a number of Post Offices and the first one started on 28 October 1840 south of Aleksinac at Nis, Leskovac, Pirot and Vrania which become part of Serbia after the Serbo-Turkish War of 1878/79. The first Serbian Post Office was opened in Belgrade on 25 May 1840 and the first stamps were issued on 1 July 1866.


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