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Tel: +44 (0) 1273 813 841
E-mail: trevor@trevorpateman.co.uk
Web Site: http://www.trevorpateman.co.uk
Address: PO Box 12, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1AZ United Kingdom


    My extensive 1919-23 stock is based on Tchilingirian's collection, and material ex-Romeko and ex-Serebrakian. Wants Lists welcome. Prices based on Michel Mittel und Ostasien 1999

    Forgeries and reprints are a major problem in Armenian philately. To help new collectors, I can always offer:

    • Small collections of genuine Dashnak overprints, much **, showing a good range of overprint types and sub-types. Price £50 net post free. Composition varies.
    • packets of 50 identified forgeries and reprints (incuding Soviet 1922-3 issues). Much ** Price £20 net post free Composition varies.
    Payment by sterling cheque or cash (any convertible currency at your tourist rate for sterling purchases)

    Materials from other periods including postal history available.


    I hold a specialist stock which includes Imperial cancellation interest items, 1918 - 24 stamps and covers (including material ex Voikhansky), post-Soviet mail to England franked with locally overprinted issues. No Special Offers for Azerbaijan


    Current stock includes:

    • Postal history, all periods, including free frank Imperial
    • 1918 provisional cancellations (straight line)
    • Post - 1991 commercial mail
    • Northern Army specialist items

    Starter collections:

    • Pre war unmounted mint (**) cataloguing DM 100+ including commemorative sets for just £10 net post free
    • 50 different stamps £10 net post free


    I hold a very strong 1918 - 24 stock, plus Imperial covers and postcard. Cancellation interest material currently available; Georgian fiscals, too.

    Don't hesitate to enquire!

    My efforts to obtain post-Soviet commercial mail have been in vain - I've spent many hours in the quest and am still looking. I also wish to acquire 1920s - 1940s commercial mail from offices inside Georgia to destinations both inside and outside Georgia.


    Current stock includes:

    • 1918-1920 provisional cancellations
    • Parvedums with cancellation interest
    • Postal history all periods
    • Fiscal stamps and documents
    • Map stamps in sheets
    • Banknote Red Cross stamps in sheets
    • Starter Collection: 50 different stamps £10 net post free


    Current stock includes:

    • Postal history, all periods
    • Cancellation collection
    • Starter collection 50 different stamps £10 net post free


    This is new to me. I have a stock of Fiscals, priced against John Barefoot's new Poland Revenues (you can order that book from his website).

    I have a stock of post-1915 covers, including nice Infla covers.

    For the Imperial period, I always have covers from Warsaw, Lodz and other cities and towns. Railway material also available.


    I have extensive stocks of stamps and postal history including Faberge's collection of Michel 9, 10 and 11. I have pre-philatelic items (vorphila) and free frank letters. I also stock fiscals (stamps and documents) and labels (go to Cinderella).

    For new collectors I can usually offer a colletion of good to fine used Imperial issues, cataloguing at least DM200, for just £20 post free. This will include a copy of SG 5/Michel 5.


    I have stocks of Trans-Siberian railway material, including covers and cards, as well as a stock for 1917 - 1925 which is stronger in mint than used. Expertised Priamur issues sometimes available - please submit Want Lists. Chita and Vladivostok issues sometimes available in sheets of 100 or 200.

    SOVIET UNION 1923 - 1991

    After 1955, my stock degenerates into cheap 'Pick Anywheres" and I do not service Wants Lists for later Soviet Union. Before 1955, I keep regular stockbooks and a cover stock which includes Air Mails and material from difficult republics like Armenia. Lots of my clients have long Wants Lists for scarce perforation varieties. Such varieties are just that - scarce - and I begin to doubt I will evr be able to supply what is being looked for. If someone has a stock of carefully checked and identified perf varieties for sale, please get in touch


    This is where my career as a dealer began, back in 1992. For three years I specialised in obtaining commercial mail from ex-Soviet offices and factories and also on getting local issues used through the post on Recover to me. I still have some stocks of this material, but I do not offer a New Issue service. The fact that the market was flooded with bogus material should not obscure the fact that fascinating postmaster provisional and Republic provisional material exists for the 1991 ,- 1995 period and maybe more is still to come.


    My very extensive 1918 - 23 stock is based on a significant part of Dr Seichter's collection. Prices for individual stamps are based on Seichter's 1966 Sonderkatalog.

    I can put together labelled collections of the main Trident sub-types , much ** and including correct cliché strips for larger collections. Collections available in multiples of £20 net post free. Composition varies.

    Material from other periods is available including postal history and better post-1991 locals acquired at the time from source (Melitopil, Obhukiv, Bukovina etc).

    Western Ukraine expertised Bulat or Tkachuk available. Also Carpatho-Ukraine. Current stock includes Fischer's residual stock of 1920 Courier Field Post issues, including rare inverts!

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