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St. Mary's University


Address One Camino Santa MarÝa, San Antonio, Texas 7822-88503, USA
Tel. No. (+1 210) 436-3126
Fax No. (+1 210) 431-6742
Admission E-mail address
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Total No. of students
Course titles Accounting, Applied Management, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Computer Science(CS), Computer Science/Application Systems(CS/AS,) Computer Information Systems (CIS), English/Communication Arts, Organizational Administration, Theology, Post-graduate Teaching, School of Law.
Undergraduate and Graduate TOEFL 550


About St. Mary's University

St. Mary's University is an independent Catholic institution inspired by the Gospels and shaped by the rich tradition of the Society of Mary (Marianists). Founded and fostered as a community of faith for the advancement of the human family, the university gives Christian purpose and dynamism to a pursuit in which people of varied traditions and experiences unite in commitment to an educational venture, in dedication to a life of scholarship, and in the extension of service to society.


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