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Industry Section:
Food and Beverages

Production and sales of quality wines and spirits
Presents an entirety new and unique series of delicacy mushroom sauces, their own recipe, developed with the help of leading specialists in health nutrition
Agropromstroy BD & Co.
Meat, sausages, milk, milk products, cheese, ice cream
Comercial and Service Company
Trade and distribution of milk products, raw and rafinered sugar, raw and rafinered edible oil, corns, crops
Exports and imports of tobacco, cigarettes and materials for the tobacco industry
Citric acid production
Grand Bulgarian Mills
Wheat flour
Pivovary Vratislavice n. N. a. s.
Malt, Bohemian, Pilsener type light and dark beer
Utenos Gerimai
Soft drinks and beers
Vilniaus Tauras
Lager beers

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