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The European Transport Organisation

Address IZ NOE Sued, Strasse 14, A – 2355 WIENER NEUDORF, AUSTRIA
Tel. No. +43 5 / 7777-0
Fax. No. +43 5 / 7777-33
E-mail address homepage@lkw-walter.com
Web address http://www.lkw-walter.co.uk
Services Loading capacity all over Europe - always and everywhere.

Irrespective of the location of our customers, we organise full truck loads in the whole of Europe

... within the EU (including Switzerland – and Norway – – for example:
Truck transport to and from France
Truck transport to and from Estonia
Truck transport to and from Sweden
Truck transport to and from Slovenia

... domestic transport within individual EU countries – for example:
UK Domestic Service
Domestic transport within Italy
Domestic transport within Poland

... as well as from all EU countries to
- Eastern Europe
- the Balkans
- the CIS
- the Middle East and
- North Africa, both import and export

Our customers - Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small sized enterprises across Europe - place more than 5,500 orders for full truck loads (FTL) with us daily.

They all have O N E contact person with LKW WALTER for their full truck loads.

LKW WALTER - Pioneers in combined transport

In order to be able to offer competitive and environmentally-friendly transport solutions, LKW WALTER has been intelligently combining transport modes by road, rail and ferry since the 1980s:
Rail/Short-Sea for the majority part of the journey (environmentally-friendly transport solution)
Truck for feeder services (flexible door-to-door transports)

With more than 8,000 cranable trailers, LKW WALTER is one of Europe’s leading combined transport operators.

By shifting road transports on to rail and ferry in combined transport "Road/Rail and "Short-Sea shipping" we achieve anessential contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our internet platform "LOADS TODAY" - The European full truck load exchange More than 13,500 transport partners all over Europe already benefit from the Europe-wide "loads on offer" on the LKW WALTER website! Benefit from a partnership with LKW WALTER too.

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