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Hospitality Degrees in London

Hospitality Degrees in London

The UK hospitality sector is predicted to grow steadily over the coming years, creating an ideal environment for hospitality business education in London. In fact, the World Trade and Tourism Council predicts that this industry will grow by 4% per year (in terms of contribution to UK GDP) over the next ten years.3 Specifically, London has been the main driving force behind the industry’s expansion with 8,000 rooms opened in 2012, plus another 5,000 rooms to be opened in 2013

Although hospitality education is traditionally associated with Switzerland, where many of the world’s top-ranking hotel schools are located, London offers a business and tourism scene that is particularly well suited for this branch of business education. Already, London is the world’s number one location for international students, with 100,000 international students. This hub of tourism, business and education has attracted Glion Institute of Higher Education, of Switzerland, to open a new campus in London.

Hospitality Degrees in London

With 50 years of experience in hospitality education, Glion works closely with the hotel and tourism industries to prepare students for an international career. The Glion London campus will provide a global city experience in London’s thriving hospitality sector, supporting an industry-focused curriculum that ensures employability. According to Glion’s 2012 graduation study, 100% of the students who were looking for jobs – in this case 86% of the graduating class – each received one or more job offers before their diplomas were even granted.

Hospitality Degrees in London

“We are honoured to have a board of directors comprised of professionals in the industry, who contribute to our efforts in maintaining our curriculum and teaching experience up to date. Glion brings the academic experience to our students that will prepare them to seize opportunities that enable them to become leaders in one of the most promising industries in the world,” stated Arie van der Spek, Interim CEO of Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Starting in August 2013, Glion will be offering its bachelor and postgraduate degrees on its new campus in London. The facilities are located in newly renovated buildings at the University of Roehampton. This campus in southwest London, just 40 minutes away from the city center, offers an ideal student-life environment and easy access to the attractions of this global city. The London campus is currently enrolling EU, EEA, Swiss or British Overseas Territory nationals.

To learn more about Glion London, request a brochure or visit the Glion London Facebook page.

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