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Germany Education System

Higher education in Germany attracts students, young scientists and researchers worldwide to studies and research at German institutions of higher education. The institutions of higher education are moving towards a European Higher Education Area. Increasing globalization requires a stronger specialization of institutions of higher education in a global education market, more exchanges of students and scientists as well as a further internationalization of our institutions of higher education.

By promoting top-class university research within the framework of the Initiative for Excellence, the Federal Government is aiming to establish internationally visible research beacons in Germany. 1.9 billion Euro will be made available to the institutions of higher education within the framework of the Initiative for Excellence.
The Study in Germany section of our Directory aims to provide useful information and assist students in choosing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well as further education and vocational courses offered by academic schools, colleges and universities in Germany.

The entry profiles include: description of courses and schools, contact details, application procedures, admission requirements, cost of studies, scholarships, grants, degrees/qualifications awarded and other practical information.

Selected Degree Courses at
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