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Structure of Educational System
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Pre-higher Education System

     Duration of compulsory education
     Age of entry: 6
     Age of exit:  14

     Structure of school system

     Type/level of education:     Elementary
     Type of school:                    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
     Length of program (years): 3
     Age level:                          from 6 to 9

     Type/level of education:     Preparatory
     Type of school:                    INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL
     Length of program (years): 5
     Age level:                               from 9 to 14

     Type/level of education:     Senior Secondary
     Type of school:                    HIGH (SENIOR) SCHOOL
     Length of program (years): 2
     Age level:                              from 14 to 16
     Certificate awarded:             SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE

     Type/level of education:     Technical
     Type of school:                    TECHNICAL/VOCATIONAL SCHOOL
     Length of program (years): 3
     Age level:                              from 14 to 17

     Description of secondary school system
Secondary education lasts 2 years after completion of the first two stages: elementary school (3 years) and intermediate school (5 years).

Higher Education System

     Structure of system
Further development of the higher education system takes into consideration the following: a transition from the former two-level (college-higher education institution) system to a unified four-level system of higher education: the 1st level: colleges; the 2nd level: two-stage (or regional) colleges, baccalaureate courses equivalent to them; the 3rd level: universities and, equivalent to them, master's courses of higher education institutions; the 4th level: aspirantura.

     Main types of higher education institutions in country

     Type of institution:  HAMASALARAN
     Translation:               UNIVERSITY

     Type of institution:  INSTITUT
     Translation:               INSTITUTE

     Type of institution:  CONSERVATORIA
     Translation:               CONSERVATOIRE

Administrative structure of higher education

     Name of body:      Ministry of Higher Education and Science

          Street: Movses Khorenatsi, 13
          City: Yerevan
          Postal code: 375010
          Telephone: 374-2-524896
          Fax: 374-2-567164

     Languages of instruction
     Armenian, Russian

Stages and Organization of Higher Education Studies

     University level studies

     Stage 1:     Junior specialist

Description: The Junior specialist courses last for 2-3 years in junior colleges. Junior specialists will be prepared from first-year graduates of two-level colleges of higher education institutions.

     Stage 2:     Bachelor's studies

Description: Bachelor's programmes are offered by two-level (regional) colleges; baccalaureate courses in universities and other higher education institutions; specialized schools and institutions. It stipulates a theoretic preparation in general professional subjects, mastering of decision-making skills in various professional fields, in changing conditions, and training of wide-profile specialists.

     Stage 3:     Internatura

Description: This programme stipulates fundamental and thorough education and acquiring of knowledge needed for research work, education, mastering of proficient skills and abilities. Education in master's courses lasts for two years; graduates receive a master's degree.

     Stage 4:     Aspirantura

Description: This two-year programme aims at preparing scientific-pedagogic personnel. It stipulates mastering of individual scientific educational programme, additional knowledge and skills for scientific work, abilities for original research and scientific-pedagogic activities.

Admissions to Higher Education

     Admissions to university level

     Secondary school credential/certificate/diploma(s) required for entry

     Name of sec. school credential: SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE
     Total number of years of primary and secondary school study: 10

     National admission entrance examination requirements

     Name of test/exam: ENTRANCE EXAMINATION

     Admission for foreign students

     Special entry regulations for foreign students in country/state:
Foreign students holding a secondary school leaving certificate can apply to have their files examined by a special selection committee. Foreign students who do not hold secondary school leaving certificates can enter technical schools or colleges. All foreign candidates must have a residence visa and be recommended by competent bodies in their countries.

     Requirements at national level

     Name of exam or requirement:       Armenian and Russian language tests.

     Other special academic requirements for foreign students set up at national level:
Foreign students are admitted to the one-year preparatory department of the corresponding higher education institution after having received the recommendation of the selection committee.

Recognition of studies and qualifications

     Recognition of studies completed and credentials awarded in foreign countries

     Bodies primarily addressing questions relating to the recognition of foreign credentials and studies in higher education

     Name of body: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
          Street: 10 Baghramian Av.
          City: Yerevan
          Postal code: 37019
          Telephone: 3742-588841
          Fax: 3472-527022

     Recognition of foreign credentials to enter an institution:        Y
     Recognition of foreign credentials to enter a profession:  Y

     Description of services provided and types of students dealt with:
     Certification of diplomas and scientific degrees.


     Date:         1995/1996
     Source:     International Association of Universities (IAU)