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of Media and Stage Arts


Founder & Director Mr. Slav Edrev
Address 7, Panayot Hitov Street, 1510 Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria
Tel. No. +359 2 9454625; +359 29454179
Fax No. +359 2 9454301
E-mail address
  • Classical and computer animation
  • Directing for cinema and TV
  • Cinematography for cinema and TV
  • Sound Editing for radio & TV
  • Editing for cinema and TV
  • Production for cinema & TV
  • Photography
  • Advertising
  • Play Acting
  • TV Journalism
  • Type of courses All the programmes have both full-time & part-time variant with the exception of the Actor programme which is available only full-time.
    Length of courses All the programs are 2 years long
    Date of commencement
    Application deadline
    For the full-time course the date of commencement is Oct., 1st, 2003. Application deadline is 30, Sept., 2003.
    For the part-time course the date of commencement is Nov., 1st, 2003. Application deadline is 31, Oct., 2003.
    Class size Up to 10 students per programme
    Accommodation Not available
    Fees For foreigners:
    If paid in one installment - 1900 EURO
    If paid in two installments - 2010 EURO; First installment is 1300 EURO & is paid at enlistment; The second one is due up to 20th, Feb, 2004
    For Bulgarians:
    If paid in one installment - 1900 BGL
    If paid in two installments - 2010 BGL; First installment is 1300 BGL & is paid at enlistment; The second one is due up to 20th, Feb, 2004
    Financial assistance Not available
    Top recruiters of graduates During the process of training the students are obliged to practice in government and private medii and theatres. There they not only get aquainted with the practical aspects of their future profession but also make lots of useful contacts which increase their chances for a successful professional career. The College maintains intensive cooperation with the electronic and print medii as well as with other cultural and art institutions. We work together with televisions, like Bulgarian National Television (BNT), bTV, New Television, Eurocom Television, Europe Television, as well as with the private radios like Darrik, Tangra, Seven Days, Alma Mater.
    The College gives opportunity for the students' productions (films, photos, TV reports and shows) to participate at Bulgarian and International Festivals, Exhibitions and Competitions. Top recruiters are: Government and private TVs, radios, film centres, theatres, etc.
    Student profile National:Foreign students - 90:10
    Ratio of Men:Women - 50:50
    Age range 18+
    Admission requirements As the lectures are conducted in Bulgarian, the only admission requirement is Bulgarian language - both spoken and written. The College helps foreigners learn Bulgarian by arranging language courses.
    Contact for application Ms. Elly Genova


    About the Courses


  • Classical and computer animation;
  • Direction for cinema and TV;
  • Cinematography for cinema and TV;
  • Sound Editing for radio & TV;
  • Editing for cinema and TV;
  • Production for cinema & TV;
  • Photography;
  • Advertisement;
  • Play Acting;
  • TV Journalism.

  • Basic academic disciplines:

    Cinema & TV Direction; Cinema & TV Editing; Cinematography for Cinema & TV; Cinema & TV Producing; Cinema & TV Scriptwriting; Computer Editing; Speech culture; Cinema & TV technique and technologies; History & Theory of Cinema & TV; TV Management; Play-acting; Advertisement; Sound Editing for Radio, Cinema & TV; Sound Technique and Sound Technologies; Music Formatting & Computer Programmes; Photography - Theory & History; Advertisement (Fashion) Photography; Photography Practice; Animation Direction; Drawing & Scenography; Computer Animation; History & Theory of Animation Cinema; Dramaturgy of Short Forms.


    About Art College of Media and Stage Studies

    In implementation the requirements of the European Union for alternative forms of higher education, a 2 years private professional COLLEGE OF MEDIA & STAGE ARTS after completion of secondary education has been founded in 1998 in Bulgaria. The College has a perfect technical base for training those who wish to develop their intellect, spirit and professional skills in the following professions:

    Animator - in classic and computer animation;
    Director for cinema and TV;
    Cameraman - Image Technician for cinema and TV;
    Sound Editor for cinema, TV & radio;
    Editor for cinema and TV;
    Producer for cinema & TV;
    Advertisement Specialist;
    TV showman - reporter.

    The College gives a chance for receiving good knowledge & training as well as perspectives for professional realisation to everyone who loves art and desires to practice it.

    The training process is perfectly organised and combines theoretical studies with seminars and practice. Here the students have the opportunity to develop their intellect & culture and receive profound professional knowledge and skills in the field of scene and stage arts.

    The College has its ownbuildings, equipped with a television studio, a radio & sound-recording studio, a computer hall, photographic laboratory, studios for anagogic editing, computer and film editing, various cameras and recording technique.

    The number of students in each programme is up to 10 persons that provides an excellent opportunity for individual theoretical and practical training and tuition.

    The professors are among the widely recognized Bulgarian professionals in the fields of cinema, television, radio, animation, photography and stage arts.

    Through management of its own and professionally worked-up training programme the College aims to teach broad knowledge and understanding of details. Professors in the College are some of the very outstanding professionals in this branch like Prof. Alexander Grozev - Theory & History of Cinema, Prof. Claudia Kamburova - Editing, Prof.Theodor Yanev - Camera Shooting, the prominent TV Director Yavor Bobev, Ivan Ivanovich and Magi Lyutzkanova - Sound Editors from BNT. Here are also the playwright Rumen Shomov, Rumiana Abadjimarinova - DR in Advertisement, Boris Yuskesseliev - art photographer, Prof. Lilya Raicheva, Slav Edrev - producer, as well as well-known animators as Stoyan Dukov, Prof. Nadejda Marinchevska, Krassimir Ivanov. In the sphere of Stage Arts the professors are Vera Stefanova, Nadejda Seikova, etc.

    Meeting prominent pedagogues and creators at the training process creates prerequisites for the students not only to learn the "language" and norms of the relevant profession but also to develop a creative thinking of their own if the necessary talent and type of character are present.

    The College dispose of a building of its own in downtown Sofia that has been equipped with modern technical base. The students work with contemporary technique in a television studio, a radio & sound-recording studio, a computer hall, photographic laboratory, and studio for analogic & digital editing. Also the College dispose of a library of its own.

    In the studios the students receive access to a whole production process and have the opportunity to create products on their own in the field of their studies.


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