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"Petre Andrei"


Rector Constantin Andronovici, Professor, Ph.D.
Address 6 Gavril Muzicescu Street, Bl. 7A
Iasi, 6600, Romania
Tel. No. +40-32-21-72-50
Fax No. +40-32-21-72-50
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance
  • Faculty of Politics
  • Type of courses Faculty of Law: full-time and part-time
    Faculty of Economics: full-time and part-time
    Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance: full-time
    Faculty of Politics: full-time and part-time
    Length of courses Faculty of Law: 4 years / full-time; 5 years / part-time
    Faculty of Economics: 5 years / full-time; 6 years / part-time
    Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance: 4 years
    Faculty of Politics: 4 years / full-time; 5 years / part-time
    Date of commencement 1 October
    Class size 25 students
    Accommodation For the time being, we cannot offer these facilities but, depending on the demand, we have the possibility to obtain them from other academic institutions.
    Fees National - 500 USD per year
    Overseas – please, enquire with the university
    Student grants
    / Financial assistance
    The fees for studying at PAU can be reduced through scholarship and exemption of taxes of the deserving students. Scholarships can be obtained depending on the half-yearly marks and cover totally or partially the study fees.
    Admission requirements High school graduates with a diploma
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students: 4315/0
  • Ration of Men / Women: 48%/52%
  • Average age : 21.5
  • Contact for application Tudor Pitulac
    Teaching Assistant
    Telephone: 0040-32-210474 (ext. 126)
    Fax: 0040-32-210474 (ext. 126) / 0040-32-210474
    E-mail address:


    Faculties & Collegies

    Faculty of Law

    Dean: Prof. Ph.d. Constantin Andronovici

    Deputy Dean: Lecturer PH.D. Tudor Plăesu

    Scientific Secretary: Lecturer Irina Apetrei

    The aims of this faculty are to create a modern academic structure at the international standards. This faculty prepares specialists for trials, prosecuters’ offices, bar, but also lawyers for certain institutions, or specialists in International relations (diplomacy, economics, commerce etc.) The chairs which functions within the Faculty of Law are: The Chair of Public Law and The Chair of Private Law.

    The subjects of study are those taught currently in the juridical education, and also subjects of great actuality and perspective, such as: Comparative Law, Community Law, Diplomatic and Consular Law, International Organizations etc. They enlarge the sphere of the professional options for the graduates.

    Within the analytical programs of the subjects a special interest is paid to the actual aspects of the international and internal legislation. The number of students is of 1800.

    Faculty of Economics

    Dean: Prof. Ph.D. Niculae Niculescu

    Deputy Dean: Lecturer Bogdan Andronic

    Scientific Secretary: Prof. Ph.D. Emilian Bujor

    The Faculty of Economics of PAU prepares economists in Finances-Contability. It is the only authorized faculty in the country which had this option, with a great openess, from a theoretical point of view as well as from a professional perspective. There are options for firms, banks, ensurance companies etc.

    There are 2 chairs in the Department of Economics: The Chair of Finances and the Chair of Contability. Within a year there are 9-12 subjects and other optional and facultative subjects.

    1800 students study at the Faculty of Economics.

    Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance

    Dean: Prof. Ph.D. Doru Tompea

    Deputy Dean: Lecturer Ph.D.George Poede

    Scientific Secretary: Lecturer Ph.D. George Neamțu

    The faculty has a modern didactic curriculum of a European type. The essential objective of the Faculty of PSA is to prepare specialists in 2 domaines: psychology and social assistance. The graduates have double specialization and therefore, their chances of professional integration are greater..


    –The Chair of Psychology and Pedagogy;
    –The Chair of Sociology and Social Assistance;
    –The Chair of Foreign Languages.

    The Objects are elaborated after a series of analytical programs after a Romanian and International Bibliography, they are evaluated by the credits criterion system which confer the possibility of being recognized in all European countries. 660 students study at this faculty.

    The Faculty of Politics

    Deputy Dean: Lecturer Ph.D. Cristian Bocancea

    A special attention is paid to the processes of governing and political communication on the background of the gap between the needs of the civil society and capacity of the state institutions of administrating the mechanisms of the social changes, of democracy and of the economic progress. .

    – the preparation of specialists (advisers, counsellors, analysts etc.)
    – the preparation of a staff specialized for the non-governmental organizations
    – the preparation of the political analysts
    – the preparation of specialists capable of analysing and prognosing from a social and political perspective, political marketing studies, polls and lobby activities.

    The Faculty of Politics ensures the preparation of those 115 students after the European model of the faculties affiliated to the Transferable Credits System.


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