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Apollonia University


Rector Professor Dr. Mircea Rusu
President of
Apollonia Foundation
Professor Dr. Vasile Burlui
Address 11 Pacurari Street, Iasi 6600, Romania
Tel. No. +40-32-215 900
Fax No. +40-32-210 310
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • College for Dental Technicians
  • College for Dental Nurses
  • Faculty of Public Relations
  • Types of programmes Full-time
  • The educational process is 6 years long, day time courses. It takes 32 weeks every year and has Easter, Christmas and a summer holidays. The didactic activity of the University goes from October 1st to July 30th; between 16th to 30th July our students do their summer medical practice in dental centres or city dental surgeries backhome under guidance of their professors or mayor doctors.
  • The didactic activity with students have been conceived in an modulated manner 30 hours per week, 32 weeks per year and includes: courses, labwork, operations, probation for Dental Specialities training.
  • Length of programmes The didactic activity with students have been conceived in an modulated manner 30 hours per week, 32 weeks per year and includes: courses, labwork, operations, probation for Dental Specialities training.
    Class size Groups of 12 students in labworks for Basic Science Training and General Medical.
    Groups of 6-8 students prepare themselves with one teacher in Dental Training Specialities.
    Groups of 60 students in lectures.
    Fees Overseas - 3800 USD / year
    Student grants /
    Financial assistance
    Admission requirements Graduates of high-schools and colleges from Romania and other countries with a "Diploma of Baccalaureate" may join the courses of "Apollonia" University.
    They have to pass an exam which takes place in the second half of September every year. The tests in biology, chemistry and physics are approved by the Education Ministry. The admission is made in the order of their marks after the payment of an annual fee.
    Language fluency required can be obtain in Romania in a few classes learning Romanian for a 6 months period.
    Student profile Ratio of National / Overseas students: 335 / 1
    Ratio of Men / Women: 148 / 187
    Age range: 18-32 years old
    Contact for application Prof. Dr. Vasile Burlui
    Dr. Gabriela Halicchi


    Faculties and Colleges

    Faculty of Dentistry

    Rector Prof. Dr. Mircea Rusu

    Contact details:
    Prof. Dr. Vasile Burlui Student body:
    335 students, 148 males, 187 Female between 18-32 years

    80 teachers:
    - 44 full time teachers
    - 36 associated professors
    - 8 associated professors from abroad (Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, Greece)

    Majoring in:
    The University degree exam is given at the end of the study period in accordance with the Education Council laws and consists of three tests: basic sciences, medico-surgical and dental specialities and a Diploma paper work. It is authorised by the Government Decision HG no 225 April 1996 and assures the obtaining of the university degree "Doctor Medic Stomatolog MDS" The University prepares dental surgeons specialised in dental assistance and also initiates them in scientific research.

    Basic academic disciplines
    1. BASIC SUBJECT – 25% study time
    Anatomy and Human Embryology
    Cellular Biology
    1.10.1. Virusology
    1.10.2. Parasithology

    2. MEDICAL SURGERY SUBJECT – 20% study time
    2.1. General Medicine
    2.1.1. Phtisiology
    2.1.2. Endocrinology
    2.2. General Surgery
    2.2.1. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    2.3. Ophthalmology
    2.4. Oro-rino-laryngology
    Infection Diseases
    2.5.1. Epidemiology

    3. DENTAL-SURGERY SUBJECT – 50% study time
    Morphology of teeth and dental arches
    Microdenture technology
    Technology of fix and immovable dentures
    3.2. Dental Prosthetics
    Prothetical clinic and therapy of the coronary wounds
    Clinic and therapy of total edentation
    Clinic and therapy of reduced intercalated edentation
    Clinic and therapy of extensive edentation
    3.3. Odonthology
    3.4. Paradontology
    3.5. Oral pathology
    3.6. Paediatric dentistry
    3.6.1. Pedodontics
    3.6.2. Orthodontics – still devices
    3.6.3. Orthodontics – mobile device
    3.7. Oral surgery
    3.7.1. Anaesthetics
    3.7.2. Oral surgery
    3.7.3. Jaw surgery
    3.7.4. Emergency of jaw surgery

    4. ALL-ROUND MEDICAL SUBJECTS – 5% study time
    Medical Psychology
    Computers specialised in medicine
    Sanitary Management

    Major fields of research:
    "Apollonia" University has a Plan of Research Themes based on an agreement between Foundation "Saint Apollonia" University and the Academy of Medical Science from Romania following as major scientific interests:
    the biomaterials study
    craniomandibular relations
    population studies.
    "Apollonia" University offers to the graduates students, young doctors preparing themselves for the specialist exam and experienced doctors preparing major doctor exam the opportunity to study and to be up to date. So we organise in our University diversified courses to inform specialise or improve the knowledge of the postgraduate students Reaching a wide audience courses like :
    "Implantology. "
    "Prosthetic treatment-selection of alternatives. "
    "Dental prevention in children colectivities and private practice. "
    "Practical Endodontics."
    "Modern treatment in dental decay."
    "Surgical treatment in periodontal disease.
    "Diagnosis and treatment in rinosinusal pathology."
    "Biochemical exploration."
    are organised on practical demonstration and lectures with Romanian and Foreign medical personalities co-ordination, in a short period of time (1-2 months).


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