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The College of Estate Management
A centre of excellence for the property and construction sector worldwide


Address Whiteknights, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 6AW, United Kingdom
Tel. No. 0800 019 9697 UK (Free)
+44 (0)118 921 4696 International
E-mail address
Fax No. +44 (0)118 921 4620
Website address
Twitter @CEM1919
Undergraduate courses Diploma Programmes
• BCSC Diploma in Shopping Centre Management
• Full Diploma
Foundation Programmes
• Diploma of Higher Education Surveying Practice
• Foundation Degree Surveying Practice
BSc (Hons) Programmes
• Building Surveying
• Construction Management
• Real Estate Management
• Quantity Surveying
Postgraduate courses MSc Programmes
• MSc Building Surveying
• MSc Quantity Surveying
• MSc Construction Management
• MSc Real Estate
• MBA Construction & Real Estate
Courses Materials & Support Flexible study where and when you like
Our approach to online learning gives you the freedom and support to balance your study, work and home commitments, while working towards your career goals.
Study how you like
You choose where and when you want to study. There are no set lessons or lectures, and you're not tied to a physical campus or learning centre.
Accessible online learning
All your learning materials are accessible through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a specialised online resource. For flexibility, study materials are provided in a variety of formats, including presentations, videos, podcasts and animations.
Support and discussion
You're not left on your own to study. You'll receive full support and lots of contact from tutors and fellow students through online discussion forums, email, online chats and by telephone.
Stay informed
To help you keep on track and plan your study schedule, you'll have online access to timetables and course guides.
Choose where to sit your exams
When it's exam time, you can choose from over 100 centres around the world to sit your exams. This is the only time you must attend a centre.
Freedom, flexibility and support
With supported online learning, we make studying as easy and flexible as possible. You have the freedom to study how you like, with full support when you need it.
Date of commencement Courses start at various times throughout the year. Please check the CEM website
Length of courses Again this varies depending on the particular course and the number of modules in each course.
Fees Refer to CEM’s website as fees vary depending on the course.


The College of Estate Management CEM

Established in 1919, the College of Estate Management remains the leading provider of vocational education for the real estate and construction sectors. Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees are all accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and or The Chartered Institute of Building.

Whilst our courses have changed over the years, our commitment to our students remains firm. We are passionate about the student experience and this is reflected in the outstanding feedback that we receive, year on year, from our students. We teach all our courses online so you can learn when, where and how you want to, without interrupting your career Our approach to online learning gives you the freedom and support to balance study, work and home commitments whilst working towards your career goals.

Our state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to form networks across the globe and to discuss and deliberate current issues. Our faculty combines academic strength with practitioner knowledge and understanding, and we are fully committed to teaching our students.

Why study with us:

    ➜ To become a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) or The Chartered Institute of Builders (MCIOB)
    ➜ the opportunity to learn whilst you’re earning
    ➜ we offer excellent value for money – student loans and bursaries also available
    ➜ we have over 90 years’ experience and are highly respected in the sectors
    ➜ we offer great student support.
All our courses are designed to develop academic knowledge which benefits your workplace experience and has a positive impact on your professional life.

Our courses are accredited by professional bodies, helping you to become a member of organisations such as the RICS, CIOB and others Visit our website and take a look at what we can offer you.

Courses offered
  • BCSC Diploma in Shopping Centre Management
  • The Diploma of Higher Education Surveying Practice
  • Foundation Degree Surveying Practice
  • BSc (Hons) Building Surveying
  • BSc (Hons) Construction Management
  • BSc (Hons) Real Estate Management
  • BSc (Hons) Property Management
  • BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
  • MSc Building Surveying
  • MSc Construction Management
  • MSc Quantity Surveying
  • MSc Real Estate
  • MBA Construction and Real Estate
  • RICS Professional Membership Graduate Route - Adaptation 1
Career opportunities Within the Real Estate & Construction sectors there are many diverse career opportunities for those with the determination to succeed and the qualifications to back it up. With a qualification in Construction and Real Estate you could work in one of these areas:
  • Appraisal, agency and building management
  • Building construction and surveying.
  • Construction management
  • Estate and property management
  • Finance, investment and development
  • Planning
  • Quantity surveying and cost management
  • Rural practice
  • Sustainability
Surveying, for example, covers a wide range of activities. Look around you. Buildings everywhere; old, new, for living in, working in, learning, eating, swimming, shopping... the human environment is built. Surveyors perform a critical role in making this environment happen - planning and designing it, maintaining and restoring it, creating an environment that makes better lives possible - one that supports the needs of the human race.

A career wiithin the Built Environment offers:
  • Variety - no two days are the same, you could be travelling overseas to another office or on a site meeting with a client
  • Reputation - as a Chartered Surveyor your expertise is regarded in the same way as that of a doctor or lawyer
  • Job satisfaction - you can accomplish many things whether it be helping someone buy their first home, or working on a major construction project.
  • Life-long career - with the constant need for new infrastructure, Construction and Property professionals are always in demand.
  • Salary - working as a Chartered Surveyor, you can earn above average salaries.
Student Story

Name: Lucy Winzer
Course Title: BSc (Hons) Estate Management
Course dates (years): 2009-2012
Job title: Graduate Surveyor
Company: Smiths Gore

I was already well aware of the College of Estate Management before undertaking the degree in Estate Management, having previously completed the Diploma in Surveying Practice. The degree was therefore the next logical step for me, and key to being able to obtain Chartered status.

I was referred to the College of Estate management by my employer and training advisor, the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust, not long after commencing employment, both of whom considered the CEM course to be the establishment for surveying based qualifications.

Personally, the academic reputation and flexibility of the College were particularly attractive. The ability to work full time whilst learning was also paramount, acquiring the key technical skills alongside professional expertise. The importance of this academic and experienced based relationship became very apparent for me at the outset of the recession, with many of my peer surveyors who had studied full time courses struggling to find employers willing to take them on, whilst my fellow students and I had a choice of positions.

The ‘faceless’ nature of the course may be concerning to some students, however you are never really alone. The online student forums provide a fantastic way to talk to fellow students all over the world, asking those seemingly stupid questions everyone wants to ask and bouncing assignment ideas off each other, steered ably by the tutors.

For me, as a commercial valuer, the most enjoyable subject was the valuation topics. The material taught provided an exceptional technical base which was highly relevant to my work in practice, and, combined with the experience gained throughout working during the course, has led to success both professionally and academically.

Distance learning is certainly not the easy option; it requires dedication and perseverance. However, if you are willing to apply yourself, the rewards are even greater. It is only in hindsight that I have realised just how much the course has improved my employability. Undoubtedly employers recognise that it requires a certain level of self-discipline and aptitude to undertake the course, and consequently you become extremely well regarded within the profession.

I cannot recommend the course more highly for fellow aspirational surveyors.


Address: The College of Estate Management, Whiteknights, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG6 6AW
Tel: +44 (0) 118 921 4696

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