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Rivne State Technical University


Rector Svyatoslav V. Kravets
Doctor of technical sciences
Professor, academician of Academy of Building of Ukraine
Address 11, Soborna Street,
33000, Rivne, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 362 22 10 86
Fax No. +380 362 22 21 97
E-mail address
Faculties hydromeliorative, hydrotechnical, building, town planning and development, mechanical, economic, management, ecology and land management, extramural, preparatory, after diploma retraining, training specialists for foreign countries, special faculty
Colleges automobile transport, textile, 16 teaching and research industrial complexes, Regional Center of teaching innovation technologies
Type of courses day-time
Length of courses Academic Year: 1st term - from September till January
2nd term - from mid January till the end of June
Date of commencement September, 1
Class size 25 students per class
Accommodation 12 residence halls for 5200 places
Fees for Ukrainians: 1300-2500 hryvnyas per year
for foreigners: preparatory faculty 1000 $ per year
students 1500 $ per year
post-graduates 2500 $ per year
Student profile Ratio of National Students 8,172
Overseas Students 6
Ratio of Men 4,218
Women 3,960
Age range 17-34
Admission requirements Dates of documents admittance:
Day-time programmes: June, 19 - August, 28
Extramural: June, 19 - August, 5

Mathematics (in writing)
Physics (in writing)
Ukrainian language (dictation). For persons who can't acknowledge Ukrainian pass exam on Russian language (dictation)

Land management and cadastre

  • Maths, Geography, Ukrainian

    Economics of enterprises
    Management of organizations
    Organization of transportation and automobile
    transport management Management of labour resources
    Accounting and audit

  • Maths
  • Foreign language (tests)
  • Ukrainian

    Ecology and environment protection
    Agricultural chemistry and soil science

  • Maths, Chemistry, Ukrainian
  • Chemistry, Biology, Ukrainian
    Selection Board: tel. +380 362 22 12 59
  • Contact for application Building faculty Dean Hryhoriy Kh. Masyuk
    Tel. +380 362 22 20 07
    Rivne, 11 Soborna Str.

    Hydrotechnical faculty Dean Anatoliy S. Klymuk
    Tel. +380 362 22 31 70
    Rivne, 11 Soborna Str.

    Management faculty Mykola V. Orlov
    Tel. +380 362 22 1042
    Rivne, 11 Soborna Str.

    Town planning and development Vitaliy S. Kravchenko
    Tel. +380 362 23 40 23
    Rivne, 11 Soborna Str.

    Economic faculty Dean Stanislav M. Honcharov
    Tel. +380 362 22 23 30
    Fax. +380 362 22 21 97
    Rivne, 11 Soborna Str.

    Mechanical faculty Volodymyr S. Zin
    Tel. +380 362 22 35 11
    Rivne, 77 Prykhodko Str., room 312

    Hydroameliorative faculty Yosyp P. Nesteruk
    Tel. +380 362 26 18 30
    Rivne, 75 Prykhodko Str.,room 215

    Ecology and land management faculty Mykola Klymenko
    Tel. +380 362 23 14 17
    Rivne, 61-A, Miryushchenko Str.,


    All Degree Courses

    Hydromelioration - JS (junior specialist), B (bachelor), S (specialist), M (master)
    Industrial and civil engineering - B, S, M
    hydrotechnical engineering - B, S, M
    Water supply and water disposal - B, S, M
    Land management and cadastre - B, S, M
    Hoisting transportation, building, road and land reclamation machines and equipment - B, S, M
    Mineral deposits mining - B, S, M
    Accounting and audit - JS, B, S
    Economics of enterprises - B, S
    Management of organizations - B, S
    Ecology and environmental protection - B, S
    Automobiles and automobile engineering - B, S
    Town planning and development - B, S
    Technology of building constructions, products and materials - B, S
    Labour protection - B, S
    Automated management of technological processes - B, S
    Equipment for chemical industries and for building materials enterprises - B
    Management of labour resources - B
    Heat power engineering - B
    Heat and gas supply and ventilation - B
    Highways and airdromes - B;
    Organization of transportation and automobile transport management - JS, B
    Agricultural chemistry and soil science - B
    Applied mathematics - B;
    Maintenance and repair of automobiles and engines - JS
    Traffic organization - JS;
    Maintenance and repair of equipment for enterprises of textile and light industry - JS
    Spinning industry - JS
    Manufacture of fabrics and knitted garments - JS
    Manufacture of non-woven textile materials- JS
    Ready-made garments industry- JS

    During 1922-1999 there had been trained specialist with higher education - 42600 including 143 foreign citizens from 34 countries of the world.


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