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6 Signs You Need to Delete an App

As the most population of the world invests in personal mobile devices, mobile apps are living through their best times right now. This market is already huge and it keeps growing rapidly. But, what do we get from it?

On the one hand, different applications are meant to help us. They allow us to communicate, entertain, shop, and perform a wide range of other tasks with ease. But, on the other hand, they can sometimes take too much of our time and not bring any actual value.

According to stats, an average person has as many as 80 different applications on their smartphone. We bet that this will be about the true amount if you check your phone right now. But, how many of them are actually used? Only about 9. Thatís how many apps we really use on a daily basis.

Doesnít this mean that we actually donít need the rest 71? Probably, yes. In fact, you may not even need some of those you use daily. Thus, in order to save your time, as well as the storage of your smartphone, it is vital to recognize the common signs of when you need to delete an application and we are here to tell you about some of these signs.

It Gives You Privacy Concerns

Privacy has always been an important part of the modern world. Unfortunately, feeling completely safe (especially when going online) isnít easy these days. Yet, this doesnít mean that you canít take decent care of your safety. The first thing you need to do is to delete all the applications that give you privacy concerns.

This brings us to the first reason weíd like to stress - the lack of privacy. If you are wondering how to identify it, there are several red flags to keep an eye on.

First of all, if you are feeling like you are being asked for too much personal information or permissions, thatís one indicator of poor privacy. Apart from that, some other bad signals are intransparent, hard-to-understand, or inaccessible privacy policy.

It Takes Too Much of Your Time

We bet that each of us is familiar with the feeling when a certain app or game turns out to be impossible to come off. If thatís the case, users may start experiencing a real addiction. They use every minute of their free time to go back to their favorite application and end up spending hours in it giving up on their work, studies, and other chores.

If you are a student, this effect can be the most harmful. If you notice that you start spending too much time on a particular application, especially to the detriment of your studies, thatís a clear sign that you should get rid of it ASAP!

It Delivers Bad Onboarding Experience

In a nutshell, the onboarding process is pretty much your first experience with a particular app. In other words, it is what defines your first impression of it.

If the application fails to provide a positive onboarding experience, chances are that it also wonít meet your needs in the future. So, that is one more reason to delete it. And, if you are wondering what defines a bad experience, some examples include:
  • Long and complicated registration process.
  • Poor quality of images, videos, and animation.
  • Too much text of not great value.
  • Inability to identify the value/benefits, etc.

It Annoys You With Lots of Messages and Push Notifications

We all know that in-app messaging and push notifications are very common practices these days. However, while some applications integrate them naturally, others simply start annoying their users.

Indeed, receiving tons of notifications every once in a while can get rather distracting and truly annoying. If you notice that a recently installed utility keeps bothering you with endless notifications, this is one more signal that you might want to get rid of it.

It Was Installed But Never Opened

According to experts, an average American is being exposed to about 4,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. Every day we see advertisements for all kinds of services and products, not excluding applications. After seeing ads, many users install something they donít really need and never even open it.

What happens in this case? Nothing really. However, as each of you knows, every app installed on your device takes up a certain amount of internal storage, so there is really no need to keep stuff that you donít use on it. So, the tip is simple - if you never use it, donít keep it.

It Has Too Many Ads

Today, developers have plenty of monetization opportunities. They offer sponsorships, subscriptions, in-app purchases, and much more - all to monetize their projects. However, despite so many different options available out there, in pursuit of profit, many developers are still relying heavily on the advertisement. Sometimes, the app owners go over the limits with it. And this can be extremely annoying. So, if you start feeling like you no longer can enjoy your favorite game, social network, or anything else just because it throws a new portion of ads at you every minute, it might be the time to get rid of it.

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