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Startup Business Ideas for College Students

Today, more students are aggressive and use their skills to start businesses while still in college. Most successful startups began with an idea in a dorm room. You can become a successful entrepreneur by selling products or services that are lacking in your school community.

However, the realities of college life can dampen your spirit: lectures, assignments, study hours, research papers, and tight deadlines. This is not to mention extra-curricular activities and social life to maintain with friends. Where do you get the extra money, energy, and time to handle a business? It might seem challenging to operate a business in college, but it is possible. While preparing for the ACT test with persistence, passion, and determination, you can become a successful business owner before your graduation.

Considering the time limit and location, you can start a real business that focuses on your student community and does not eat up into your academics.

Here are some startup business ideas for college students:


If you are a sports enthusiast, you offer training services to people around the school community. Most parents are looking to hire a personal coach for their children in different sports. So, improve your training skills and market your services online or by word of mouth in nearby high schools, churches, or athletic clubs.

Editing and Proofreading

College entails numerous academic writing tasks, from essays to research papers. Most students have challenges with editing and proofreading, and many end up submitting sub-standard work to the tutor. Why not offer editing services to your classmates at a fee?

Web Design

If you have web design skills, you can create your website and sell advertisement spaces to various brands. Be consistent and have content that appeals to your target audience. For instance, you can have a healthy living website or motivational content.


Depending on the academic course you are pursuing, you can become a consultant in your field of study. You can apply to organizations for internships and offer your consultancy services at a cost.

App development

Mobile technology is currently taking the world by storm. Smartphones are quite popular, especially among college students. So, if you are a software developer, you can create an app that makes the lives of students easier. Research extensively and come up with an app that solves problems.

Moving Service

You can form a moving company with a few friends and start helping students at the beginning of the fall semester or when they break for summer. No one wants to be caught up with luggage, especially students, so you can make extra cash by becoming the go-to person at the start or end of a semester.

Resume Writing Service

Students need to write application letters attached with resumes to get acceptance in different colleges. It is usually a challenging task for most students who opt to seek professional services from custom writing companies. Considering the weight of the applications, it is quite an expensive affair. If you are good at writing, you can start a resume writing business at pocket-friendly prices and offer your services to the students who cannot afford the expensive writing companies.

Music tutor

If you are taking a music class, you can also become a tutor to other aspiring students in the lower classes. Most parents are looking for a one-one music tutor to coach their children on specific instruments. For instance, you may be good at playing the piano, a guitar, or a saxophone. Whatever your skill is, use it to earn some extra cash.

Life Coach / Counselling

College life is where most students explore life to the fullest. In college, you will experience disappointments in academics, relationships, or friendships. Most students find it challenging to deal with issues of life at this point. You can gain knowledge in counseling and become a life coach or motivational speaker to students who feel like giving up.


With numerous job sites online, you can become a freelancer and offer services in line with your skills. Whether it is writing, designing, or admin support, you can always get an opening related to your skills. Work remotely from your room during your free time and make extra cash.

As the case of Phil Collinsís small college business growth into a multinational company shows, any college student can maintain a healthy balance between your business and academics if they set your priorities right. Ensure that your business does not coincide with your class hours to avoid jeopardizing your academics.

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