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University of Groningen
Master of Science Programme in International Business


Address Landleven 5/P.O.Box 800,
9700 AV Croningen, The Netherlands
Tel. No. + 31 50 363 7343
Fax No. + 31 50 363 2341
E-mail address
Courses Master of Science Programme
in International Business
Type of course Full-time
Length of courses 12 months
Date of Commencement September every year
  • Tuition fee for a full year: 10,000 EURO
  • Cost for a full year including accommodation, living expenses, insurance etc. approx. 20,000 EURO
  • Accommodation Assistance Available
    Class size 25-30 Maximum
    Student grants/
    financial assistance
    Students grants available for students from development countries
    Admission requirements
  • A degree equivalent to UK Bachelor Honours or equivalent in Business, Economics or a business related subject.
  • For those with a non-business or insufficient business background, you need to join an intensive pre-programme in business and management (1 additional month).
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL 550/213-computerbased) and/or IELTS average 6 or other university recognized standards. For those whose English may not be quite strong enough, we offer intensive language training.
  • Please apply for further details.
  • EU/Overseas students 90% foreign, 10% dutch 50% overseas
    Men/Women 50% men, 50% women
    Age range 20-40, average age 23
    Contact person for application Ms. Drs. Franka van den Hende


    Course/Program description

    This programme gives an understanding of the challenges and opportunities which we face today in international business and an appreciation of different approaches to managing them. The approaches now employed in international business are extremely varied and to become a succesful manager, especially on a global scale, it is best to understand a variety of perspectives. The programme provides this variety of perspectives on international business, as seen in different European countries, different regions of the world and different types of businesses.

    During this one year programme students have the opportunity to learn at different universities within Europe: the Netherlands, Scotland UK and France. the programme includes three semesters: a foundation programme with 4 core courses, a specialization programme and a dissertation project with a possible traineeship

    About the School

    The programme is organized by a consortium of three European institutions: The University of Groningen, The Netherlands, The University of Stirling, Scotland, UK and The Ceram Sophia Antipocis Graduate School of Management and Technology, France. All the institutions are renowned for their excellence in the teaching and research of business and management and give degrees at M.Sc. level, or its equivalent as well as doctorates and Ph.D. degrees.

    All the institutions are located in regional cultural centres and safe rural environments.

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