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Structure of Educational System
Admissions to Higher Education and Recognition  of Foreign Credentials 
Student Life 
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 Pre-higher Education System

     Description of secondary school system

At present, there are 2,676 secondary schools. In the course of the past year, after the passing of the Law on Education, teaching programmes have been changed to give a new content to education.

Higher Education System

     Structure of system
The system of higher education in the Azerbaijan Republic is represented by the following types of higher education institutions: universities, institutes, colleges and conservatoires. At present, there are 2 state and 2 non-state higher schools, with 7 branches in the different regions of the Republic. These higher schools train specialists in 369 specialties, proceeding from 72 fields. For many years there was only a one-stage structure of higher education in the Republic. The current two-stage structure of higher education differs from the previous one by curricula contents and length of the study course.

     Main types of higher education institutions in country

     Type of institution:       UNIVERSITY

     Type of institution:       INSTITUTE

     Type of institution:       COLLEGE

     Type of institution:       CONSERVATOIRE

     Main laws/decrees governing higher education

     Name of law/decree:        Law on Education
     Institution type:  All higher-education institutions.

Administrative structure of higher education

     Name of body:      Ministry of Education

          Street: Government House
          City: Baku
          Postal code: 370016
          Telephone: 994-12-937266
          Fax: 994-12-937773

     Name of body:      Council of University Presidents

          Street: 11 Mehseti str.
          City: Baku
          Postal code: 370096
          Telephone: 994-12-217927
          Fax: 994-12-989379

     Languages of instruction
     Azerbaijani, Russian

Stages and Organization of Higher Education Studies

     Higher vocational/technical studies

The system of vocational education, which has been functioning for more than 50 years, and which has been developed in the past years, has improved and acquired a strong financial and technical basis, and a highly-qualified teaching staff. At present, there are 171 vocational schools attended by over 55,000 students, and where qualified workers are trained.
     University level studies
     Stage 1:     Bachelor

Description: This stage lasts at least three-and-a-half to four years. During this period, the students may study the humanities and natural sciences as well as the basis of the chosen speciality.

     Stage 2:     Magister

Description: During the second stage, which lasts one to two years, students acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of humanities, fundamental knowledge in natural sciences and professional training.

     Stage 3:     Doctor

Description: The best graduates of the magister stage are admitted to the doctoral stage. After successful completion of their studies (2 to 3 years), they obtain the doctoral degree.

     Teacher education
     Training of primary/basic school teachers

Primary school teachers are trained at 5 regional and 1 central in-service teacher training institutes.

     Training of secondary school teachers

At present, 120548 teachers work in the system of general education; 78% of these teachers have received higher education training.

Admissions to Higher Education

     Admissions to university level

     Secondary school credential/certificate/diploma(s) required for entry

     Name of sec. school credential: SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE
     Total number of years of primary and secondary school study: 11

     National admission entrance examination requirements

     Name of test/exam: ENTRANCE EXAMINATION

Recognition of studies and qualifications
     Recognition of studies completed and credentials awarded in foreign countries

     Bodies primarily addressing questions relating to the recognition of foreign credentials and studies in higher education

     Name of body: Ministry of Education
          Street: Government House
          City: Baku
          Postal code: 370016
          Telephone: 994-12-937266
          Fax: 994-12-937773
     Recognition of foreign credentials to enter a profession:

     Date:         1995/1996
     Source:     International Association of Universities (IAU)