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Master Programme Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT)
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Integration with Ph.D. programme "Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies" (SAOT)


Address MAOT University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Paul-Gordan-Str. 6, 91052 Erlangen, Germany
Tel. No. +49.9131.85 25857
Fax No. +49.9131.85.25851
E-mail address
Course title Master Programme Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT)
Subjects studied Fundamentals of Advanced Optical Technologies
Fundamentals of physics
Fundamentals of anatomy
Optical Metrology
Optics in Communication
Optical Material Processing
Optical Material and Systems
Computational Optics
Optics in Medicine
Key qualifications
Type of course Full time
Lenght of course Four semesters
Date of commencement For international students: 15th of April (later application possible by individual agreement)
Class size 7 to 10
Cost/Fees No special fee for the programme. 1000 €/year for the University.
Accommodation Yes (but not for all students)
Student grants / financial assistance No grant by the programme itself, but assistance to apply for other scholarships.
Contact Details For Applications
Exchange Partner Schools/Programmes Integration with Ph.D. programme "SAOT" at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Member of the industry network "Bayern photonics".
Name of Course Directors Scientific: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Leipertz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Geiger
Administration: Dr. Jürgen Großmann
Admissions requirements Good or very good Bachelor degree (or comparable qualification) in Engineering. Good English language skills (no German language skills required; all courses are in English). Two recommendation letters by academic teachers.
Student profile 1.Countries of origin: China, Russia, Germany, Indonesia
2. Age Range: 22 to 26
3. Average Age: 24
4. Average Work Experience: 1 year


About the Programme

Optical technology is a key technology for the industrial development in the 21st century. The areas of application of optical technologies are widely spread: information and communication technology, medicine, energy, environment technology and many other. A lot of experts anticipate the coming century as the "century of the photon".

Therefore, in winter term 2007/07 a new master programme "Advanced Optical Technologies" (MAOT) started at the technical faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander-University. MAOT is part of the "Elite Net-work of Bavaria" and is open for all applicants with a Bachelor certificate (or equivalent certificate) above average in engineering or physics.

In the highly interdisciplinary programme students learn important fundamentals from natural and engineering sciences (for example physic of the light, principle of a laser) and study three of six topics covering different application fields: optical metrology, op-tical material processes, optical material and sciences, optic in IT, computational optic, optic in medicine.

In all topics the lecturers are outstanding experts from chemical and bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics (Max-Planck research group), informatics and medicine. MAOT tutors accompany and support the students during the whole programme.

Since a long time a lot of experts in the re-search and application of optical technologies work at University of Erlangen. In the MAOT programme and at the same time in the Graduate School SAOT (in the frame-work of the federal excellence initiative) these competences are bundled in a unique way. Engineers and physicist are working together with other scientist and with doctors from the hospitals in the "medical valley" Erlangen and integrate their competences in corporate projects.

Institutions from outside the University, like the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits and the Bavarian Laser Centre in Erlan-gen offer additional expertise.

It is part of a long-term strategy towards highly responsible jobs in the industry for our students, that they are supported to proceed their work on optical technologies after MAOT in the graduate school SAOT. Training in important key qualifications like self-management or basics of economic is also part of the strategy for a good vocational training.

The programme is completely in English and takes two years. Due to the special elite character of the programme students achieve a certificate as "Master of Science with Honours".


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